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Hello Everyone. Just wanted to give an update on our holiday hours for 2020. Our office and operations will be closing this year between Christmas and New Years. We will be closed from Dec 24 and will reopen on January 4.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!




TTBW: Things to Throw Before Winter

Winter is coming, and you need to make sure your house is ready to face the tedious battle against the cold. What needs to be fixed or replaced before the winter? Whatever you decide to replace, or throw out, make sure you get junk removal Toronto service. Unless you want large, non-functional equipment lining your driveway.


How long does a furnace last? Not a question you want to be answered when it’s snowing outside. It is always ideal to fix your furnace and heating systems before the temperature drops in winter. Your heating system breaking down on you could be the worst-case scenario for you. It’s a lot harder to disconnect and connect pipes (especially water pipes) and fittings when it’s -30 C outside (and not a lot more inside). Moreover, it is quite expensive to get your furnace, or your heating systems repaired during the winter because of the general rise in demand. Hence, it is crucial for you to have your HVAC system serviced before it gets too cold to fix.


How long does a roof last? Most roofs are made of asphalt shingles. While these have a lifespan of 20 years, it is possible to have a few loose tiles or accumulation of mould under the tiles over time. It is important to check the attic for water leakages and the exterior part of the house for any brittle or broken tiles.

Your roof provides you with an indispensable defence against the cold, and hence you need to make sure that it is repaired well before the winter season sets in. The price to replace your roofing might be cheaper during the middle of winter, but because of the harsh weather, the job might not be perfectly done.

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Older doors, which have been worn down over the seasons, end up having gaps and weak patches which allow cold air to enter your home. As a result, you will have poor insulation and might have to spend extra money on heating. Older doors are also difficult to clean as dust and snow settle on them. Replacing them before winter might not be a bad idea at all, as newer doors will not only protect you from the cold, but also from theft.


Bedding and pillow covers are washed regularly, but the same cannot be said for duvets. They are quite difficult to wash and hence need to be replaced before they get too thin, mouldy, or riddled with dirt and dust. It is recommended to either wash duvets twice a year or throw them out every 5 years and purchase a new one.

 Other clothes

The cold temperature in winter could lead to the formation of mould and fungi not only on wooden surfaces but also on clothes, duvets and pillows. Pillows absorb oils and dead skin and are susceptible to dust mite infestations in the long run. You also need to watch out for termites and bugs in winter wear like sweaters, gloves, mufflers and scarves and dispose of all the affected clothing.

It’s not easy to clean up the waste left after renovation and repairs, and other unusable household items like mouldy duvets, jackets, and other clothes which just take up space in your lawn or garage. If you are worried about how to dispose of the things to throw out, contact us for affordable and reliable Junk Removal services in Toronto.

Contact Junk It for junk removal in Toronto today. Our specialists will remove your junk and dispose of it responsibly.

Things That Will Level-Up Your Construction Bin Rental Experience

The waste management needed after a home renovation or even a large-scale construction is a tedious task that cannot be underestimated. There will always be viable material that you can donate, reuse or recycle. But, even after putting aside this material, you will still be left with different kinds of waste that need to be effectively managed. Ignorance of this waste or inefficiency in the cleanup procedures used could result in hazardous health issues for property owners in the long run.

At Junk It, we exist to efficiently help with your garbage disposal needs and provide you with the best possible construction bin rental experience. We also go a step further by taking responsibility for your construction bin delivery services in and around Toronto.

Why choose us for your Construction Waste Disposal?

  1. Quality Services

We are swift and reliable in our services and provide prompt responses and recovery, right from when you first call us to the final steps of bin delivery and collection. Our vast experience in construction waste management and garbage disposal will ensure a smooth process throughout your journey with us. We employ trained professionals and use high-quality bins that are sturdy and equipped to handle all kinds of waste material that may be prone to cause considerable damage to your property. We also deliver bins of varied sizes in accordance to your distinguished needs and requirements.

2) Efficiency of Process

We simplify your entire waste disposal process and offer you the best services with minimal effort on your part. We also ensure that the intricacies involved in the smooth delivery and collection of your bin are taken care of. We keep you updated with the kind of bins you may need, the size most suited for you, the availability of these bins and so on. We operate at your convenience and can schedule the pickup and delivery of the bins in accordance with your availability and needs. In case you may require an extra bin, we’ve got that covered too.

3) Transparency in fees

From large-scale construction site clean-ups to small-scale household renovation waste removal methods, we provide reasonable and affordable construction bin delivery services. Our job is to ensure that you get back the value of service for every cent you have invested in us.

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4) Adapting to on-site crises

We also deliver additional bins that you may require in case the volume of your construction waste exceeds your bin order. Whether the waste is from construction sites, property cleanings or unwanted household junk, our personnel are experienced and accommodating and will help with any concerns that you may have, every step of the way.

5) Prioritizing Our Customers

Your ultimate satisfaction with the experience provided to you is what drives our business. We strive to make a difference in your bin rental experience and provide optimized services at reasonable costs. Our customers have always and will always remain our number one priority and hence, we work towards ensuring the processes followed are the most transparent and smooth in the bin rental market today.

Call Junk It today and find out how our professionals go out of their way to make sure your experience is an incredibly pleasant one.

Want to ‘Tear Down That Wall’? Don’t Forget Construction Bin Rental

It is a minor revolution tearing down a wall is. You are excited at the prospects of opening up your home to modern, open plan living and fresh DIY design projects. But wall teardowns are not the work of a moment. And, contrary to what may seem obvious, a hammer is not a tool fit for a king.

Think your wall is just a slab of panelling and some timber? Think again.

In this article we are going to try our best to educate (maybe warn) you of what to expect if you decide to bring down a wooden wall* in your house. Make sure you get a construction bin rental before you start, so you can lessen the mess and the wrath of your significant other at your ambitious home DIY.

*Preferably non-structural; you don’t want to bring down your house

Don’t tear down a load-bearing wall

Before you start to ‘deconstruct’ your wall in earnest, make sure it isn’t a structural support of your house. A simple sanity check is by going down to the basement to see if there are any supports or beams under the wall. Also, if the wall is at a 90° angle to joists (horizontal support beams), it is likely load-bearing.

Home DIY tip: Leave that wall alone, if it’s load-bearing

Take off doors

Since you are about to introduce unlimited walking room, you really won’t be needing that door. Start by taking the door off its hinges, then unscrewing frame brackets. Finally, remove the receptacle for the door lock and your door frame is ready to be torn down. Once you cut the caulking between the frame and the door away, the frame should be easier to take out. The same also applies for the baseboard too.

Home DIY tip: Doors are valuable. It may be worth saving that door for when you need to replace another.

Electrical fixtures and fittings

Most likely the wall will have electrical fixtures such as light bulb holders and plug points routed through it. There may also be networking wires to connect to your internet, phone and cable provider. The next step in deconstructing a wall should be to carefully uninstall these and dispose them responsibly. Wires should be disconnected at both ends before being pulled out.

Home DIY tip: Start by turning off power to the wall at the mains; dispose of large electrical wiring and fittings in construction bin rental, else they can pose an electrical and tripping hazard.

Heating and plumbing

Make sure to disconnect or seal off heating pipes from your central heating system. Internal house walls may also have water pipes running through them. Make sure you know where they are located and reroute them as necessary. Beware HVAC ducts and plumbing can be large and cumbersome to work with.

Construction bin rental: HVAC ducts and water pipes are cumbersome to work with and can accumulate mould and dust. Don’t try and dispose of these in an ordinary garbage bin.

Removing drywall and studs

Time to swing that hammer – but gently at first. Start by making a small hole in the wall through which you can perform a last check to make sure no wires or pipes remain. If it’s all clear, break down the wall section by section. Smaller pieces of waste drywall will be easier to fit through doorways. Wall studs will likely need a saw. Once the vertical supports have been removed, the floor stud should be able to be unscrewed.

Construction bin rental: How big of a wall you are bringing down will determine how big a bin you need. It is always advisable to go for one size of bin larger than you need to ensure you aren’t caught out by large wooden studs.

Getting the professionals to do it instead

If all the work has got you feeling a little apprehensive, not to worry. Professional wall removers will have the job done in a jiffy. Regardless, make sure they have somewhere convenient to keep the waste. Junk disposal Toronto after a wall has been demolished can be very cumbersome. Not only do you have to find space to store the mess, there is a duplication of effort as you haul it from storage to your construction bin rental.

Junk disposal Toronto

Junk It has an assortment of garbage disposal bins for rent. You’ll be able to find the right size for your home DIY wall break down (and other DIY design projects), at very affordable rates. We’ll place your bin in a convenient location, and you don’t even need to be home for pick up.

How To Declutter Your House: Discover Space That Was Hidden Before

Decluttering your house? We like to think of it as decluttering your life. A cramped, messy space so often manifests as a cluttered mind. You are so overburdened by your material possessions that you simply don’t have room to think – literally and figuratively.

A good clean up every once in a while is essential for discovering space that was hidden before. Just as you do it with your home, your mind too will start to declutter. In this article we are looking at things you should dispose to make some real room for you.

Rid some fake foliage

We cannot believe this is a thing ourselves but large fake foliage is something that really needs to go. If you have those large fake planters that have been gathering dust for years, no better time than now to throw them out. Unlike real plants these won’t fill your lungs with fresh oxygen, but microplastics.

Don’t stow storage

Ironically, cardboard boxes and the like are one of the biggest culprits that take up too much space in your home. ‘What if I need it’ – you haven’t needed it in years and you’ll find a way when you do. Not only that, you’ll be less tempted to hoard old items. You won’t believe how many times we’ve been called to condos to empty out lockers which have been filled with empty boxes, suitcases and the like – only for them to have decayed over time.

Where do I sit guv’nor?

Not on that old armchair, for sure, you shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with keeping furniture for many years. In fact, it is very environmentally responsible. However, dusty, saggy and mouldy furniture needs to go. Dirty couches, broken nightstands, old bed slats and mattresses all need to be thrown.

Closet organizers and the things they organize

Love your closet organizers? It’s a pity they are holding items of clothing that you haven’t touched in years and most likely won’t look at again. Your closet is a prime candidate for emptying. Old clothes that don’t look old should go to charity shops. Larger closet organizers should be collected and left for junk collection Toronto. At least now you’ll be able to walk into your walk-in closet.

Can’t find the remote? Throw away that TV

It is truly amazing how much people love hoarding broken and absolutely unusable electronics. That would be okay if TVs were smaller, but when a 60 inch behemoth stops working, it’s hard to make it disappear. Large electrical items cannot be thrown away safely with your garbage. In any case, that’s a waste of the recyclable components that could otherwise be used. Call our team for junk collection Toronto and have your appliances large and small disposed of safely and responsibly.

Don’t leave a paper trail

You should get the best garbage removal Toronto knows to dispose of your old paperwork. Banks, social services, even your insurer have gone (mostly) paperless, so stop hanging on to those crinkly relics. Call us and we’ll destine your waste paper for an afterlife of recycled living.

Convenient Garbage Removal Toronto

Services for junk collection Toronto are extremely useful for decluttering your life. Just one phone call and a team of junk removal specialists will take your junk away. No need to hire a bin, no need to haul it to a drop-off depot.

Call Junk It today and schedule your garbage removal Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA. Our team will find a time convenient for you for the pickup. Not sure how much stuff you need to remove, our team offers free on-site estimates. Best of all, you only pay for the space you use and there will be no hidden charges whatsoever.

A very powerful review that has left everyone at Junk It humbled and motivated

Our apologies if this comes across as boastful. It is not intended to be so in any way. But in a service-led business such as ours customer say has a huge effect on everyone.

We have worked hard over 15 years to satisfy our customers. We have been fortunate to receive positive reviews and constructive feedback too. But when our customers leave such powerful reviews it impacts us deeply. These words can hardly capture it, but everyone at Junk It has felt such an enormous boost.

A response to our follow-up email

We send every customer an email asking them if their job was carried out timely, and if the experience was satisfactory. Very recently, we heard back from one of our customers after his bin had been removed. His response was in relation to this questionnaire and we are reproducing it for you unfiltered.

1 – Yes, the bin was placed where I had requested, and arrived on time.

2 – Yes, I would definitely use this service again.  The gentlemen on the phone was very helpful, applied a discount that I had asked for that was offered online, and was friendly and courteous.  In today’s world, brands are defined by the experience they provide (not the product or service they offer).  Junkit shows that great service drives loyalty, which then will drive retention and growth.  It’s the new paradigm and junkit already has it mastered.

– KT

A truly humbling response. Especially considering this is a paying customer and we are not digging around for compliments just feedback.

Our core service mission

Let’s be honest. Even with our best efforts and 99 of 100 customers being satisfied with our service, there will be at least one instance when we have let our customer down. Whether it is our failure to meet the expectations we set, circumstances conspiring against a smooth job or just not being able to mitigate deficiencies in service are, however rare, a reality. Make no mistake, such failure is a great teacher.

And that’s why customer recognition such as this is so important for us. It makes us want to do better. It energizes our entire operation. We are charged up to ensure that great value and service experience are assured for all our customers.

Bin rental is a very service-led business

Ours is a very customer-centric business. Dumpsters and garbage bins are purely utilitarian tools. If you wanted the hassle of finding, placing and removing a large dumpster then you would have done it yourself. If you are renting a dumpster from us, we understand you want convenience and seamless service.

We work on the knowledge that it’s the care we take that will make the difference in your experience. And that’s why you’ll want to work with us again. We don’t teach our employees and managers that the customer is always right. That’s doesn’t capture the spirit of what we want to offer. We don’t want us to react to customer’s demands.

No, we proactively make sure that every one of our customers receives the best service and care from start to finish. Objectively, we have to provide a good deal to customers.

From everyone at Junk It our sincerest thanks to KT for taking the time for the response. It has been a huge boost for everyone. Be rest assured we will only aim higher.


Get in touch with us to get a quote for your bin rental and find out how we’ll make the whole experience really easy for you.

So Many Sizes, So Little Info: How To Choose The Right Garbage Bin Rental

Moving house and need to throw out junk? Starting a remodel? Need to rid evidence of your failed DIY endeavours before your better half puts them on FML?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above (or have reasons other than those) read on. Garbage bin rental is about the easiest and most cost effective way for you to get rid of all your waste. And it’s a no-holds-barred affair; throw whatever you want.* Whether it’s yard waste, renovation material, mattresses or hipster furniture, we aren’t here to judge (empathize, probably). Keep reading and find out about the different sizes of garbage bins.

*Mostly. (Our lawyers made us asterisk that)

Mini – but mighty

Our smallest dumpster, ‘Mini’, is a great option if you are constrained for space. Mini but mighty, we like to say. It’s a lot more disposal space than your average black and blue bins. For small home renovations (or those DIY projects that your partner keeps giving you the stink eye for) and landscaping jobs this is a great option. It’s garbage bin rental that’s ideal for spring cleaning small homes/condos, for yard waste and even small renovation projects.

The lowdown

  • 5 cubic yards of space
  • Low loading height
  • Great for dirt, soil, household rubbish, DIY projects that were just not meant to be


Small – Goldilocks size

We like to think of our ‘Small’ dumpster as the Goldilocks dumpster. Not too big, not too small. This dumpster must be just right – why else would it be one of our most popular garbage bin rental. At this size it is still very easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces (think driveways, back alleys). But it’s capacious enough to take on roofing projects, home renovations, and thorough home clean-ups.

The lowdown

  • 10 cubic yards of space
  • Easy to manoeuvre, loading height
  • Great for shingles and roofing material, drywall, plaster, construction waste, yard waste, carpets, mattresses


Medium – Now we’re talkin’

This is a spacious dumpster which can take on the mess from large, multi-room renovations, large home remodelling projects, and entire roof replacements. Of course, you can throw away yard waste or any other household garbage. And, yes, it’s big enough to haul away the retro couch that looked so good in the antique store that you just had to pick it up.

The lowdown

  • 15 cubic yards of space
  • Big enough for oblique items, still easy to access
  • Great for renovation and demotion waste, construction material, impressively thorough house cleanouts


Large – No job too large

This is the perfect size for large residential and commercial cleanouts. Got an Everest size clean-up on your hands? This is the garbage bin rental you should go for. If you like to hoard (and we mean really hoard) this is the dumpster for you. Large furniture, crockery, mattresses, even disused appliances – it’ll swallow them all.

The lowdown

  • 20 cubic yards of space
  • Easily accessible with large doors
  • Great for appliances, furniture, estate cleanouts, large renovation and remodelling waste


Not sure about garbage bin rental?

Does the following sound appealing to you:

  • Spending a day hauling garbage and recycling to the Drop-off Depot in your city, risking life, limb and sanity?
  • Running through the convoluted process of weighing, throwing, weighing, throwing, arguing, paying, feeling cheated at the Drop-off Depot?

That was rhetorical. Of course it doesn’t. Get garbage bin rental and let us do the heavy lifting instead.

Junk It makes garbage bin rental a very simple and convenient affair. When you fill out an easy-to-understand form on our website or get in touch with our team, you can choose drop-off and pick-up dates, select exactly the container you want and get transparent pricing.

We will come and park your container where you want it and pick it up on the day of your choosing. In fact, you don’t even need to be home. Call us today at 1-866-JUNK-IT to find out more or get started here.

How Valuable Is Your Junk? Clever Ways To Make Money From Waste

Failing to get rid of your junk the right way can land you in a hot mess, you know. Canada is a green and pleasant land, and we all have to help keep it that way. No one wants to see mountains of garbage, riddled with reusable and recyclable materials.

Did you know: Don’t throw that smartphone! Internal circuitry and even the shell of your phone can be recycled.

We take a look at a few simple ways to turn ‘trash into cash’*. Actually, there’s a greater and more serious point to this too. So much of what we dispose is in a condition that it can be recycled, repaired or even reused. It greatly helps reduce the damage to the environment and keeps our landfills from piling up.

Call Junk It if you need help with larger items.

*Figure of speech. Please don’t try selling your trash.

1. Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way of cleaning up clutter and earning some cash. Furniture or décor may have lost your fancy, but it’s new for someone else. The best thing about a yard sale – you really think about what can be sold as opposed to being binned. Imagine, you are getting paid for your ‘waste’ and you don’t even need to haul it (just hawk it).

Good for: furniture, decorations, memorabilia, functional appliances

2. Aluminum cans

From Canada Dry to Budweiser, aluminum cans fill up our recycling bins in an unending sea. Not only are they going to be recycled, they’ll be generating someone a profit too. Instead, keep your cans and sell them off at a recycling centre near you. Make it a fortnightly or monthly routine, and watch the drinks pay for themselves (well, somewhat).

Good for: Aluminum cans, such as carbonated drinks, frozen foods

3. Scrap metal and cardboard

Actually, that advice can be applied to scrap metal and cardboard generally. Bicycles, leftover building materials, cardboard boxes and so much more can be sold for cash. What is ‘waste’ is the space in your garage storing all of this unused stuff. For instance, did you know metals such as copper (used in electrical wiring) are actually very valuable commodities? There are businesses thriving on such recycling trade.

Good for: Leftover building material, bicycles, cars, garden equipment, boxes, tools, electrical wiring

4. Habitat For Humanity

Let’s face it, so much of our junk is not actually irreparably damaged or ruined. As pro junk removers, we know that first-hand. Habitat for Humanity is a very laudable cause. Not only will they come to your home to pick up your furniture and appliances, you get a charitable tax receipt too. It may not feel like ‘cash in hand’ but it will make a difference come time to pay your taxes. Find out how much you could save in tax.

Good for: furniture, appliances, building material

5. Kijiji, Facebook, eBay, et al

Such great places to sell stuff you don’t need. One person’s smartphone with broken screen is another’s vaunted parts bin. There are takers for all sorts of stuff on the internet. Old electronics and gadgetry has a lot of collectible value. Help your old cassettes make a hipster feel at home again.

Good for: memorabilia, electronics, vintage gadgetry, furniture (and everything else, too?)

For all the things you can’t make money from, call Junk It to haul it away. We are junk hauling experts. Our customers agree too; how else do you get rated best of HomeStars for nine years!

Our team understands your home is your palace. We tread lightly when cleaning out your junk. Our full list of services is here. And we are trusted junk removal experts for furniture, yard waste, construction leftovers and more. Many of our customers make use of your dumpster and garbage bin rental too, in times of need.

Get Trash Removal Dumpsters Now! 6 Household Items We Must Replace Regularly But Don’t

Keep sneezing when you are at home? Do your clothes come out smelling a little stale after a wash? The modern home is filled with conveniences. And because they run so reliably, we take them for granted. But just because they don’t break, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be changed.

If that were the case, would your car ever need an oil change?

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Yes, we agree too. Replace it instead.

It might sound a bit oblique to suggest replacing ‘functional’ items around the house. But, once you’ve read our blog, you’ll be wondering how you missed them.

At Junk It we are big believers in reusing and recycling. Reducing waste is a good thing – just not at the cost of your health.

In this post we look at six items around the home that need to be replaced regularly – no, we aren’t talking toothbrushes.

1. Home appliances

It is wise to make full use of your appliances. Cluttering up landfills with serviceable machinery is not particularly helpful. Here are some drawbacks of appliances that have been with you from the days of yore, and why you should replace them:

  • Electricity consumption – newer appliances consume less electricity
  • Safety risk – Corroded wiring and failure risk injury and property damage
  • Hygiene – Mould, bugs and critters will make your old ‘white goods’ their new homes

Get junk removal services in Toronto to help you rid your home of these electricity hogs.

2. Refrigerators

Anything interacting with food should not be kept for more than a few years. Fridges, in particular, are prone to accumulating food and grime in nooks and crannies you can’t even see. These will become breeding grounds and pose real risks of food contamination. What’s worse, you won’t see is how they are transferring on to you.

Worse still, as fridges wear out, the refrigerating gas can start to leak, flooding your kitchen with noxious fumes. Don’t let your fridge become a toxic watering hole for your family.

3. Carpets and mats

Everyone has smelt that stale smell carpets can start to give off after a few years. No matter how much you vacuum or clean them, carpets will collect dust and dirt. Inevitably, they will become welcoming homes for bugs too.

Moreover, as carpets fray, they become trip and fall risks. Whether it is you, your child or a visitor, it is simply inadvisable having such a risk of injury in your home.

A bathroom or kitchen mat should be replaced still more frequently as it can become a breeding ground for germs.

Get garbage bin rentals services to make your task of tossing out old junk that much easier.

4. Filters

Filters are present around the home. Their job: to protect us from contaminants and protect equipment from damage. As they become saturated, they can reduce efficiency, pose a health risk and even raise the risk of fire. Where you will find filters:

HVAC: Furnaces and air conditioners have filters to ensure dust, debris and insects are not blown into your home. There can be filters on inlets too.

Washing machines and dishwashers – These employ a number of water and soil filters. Make sure to replace them frequently, lest your clogged filter grinds your appliance to a halt.

Dryers – Especially with clothes dryers, filters will collect dry lint. A tear in the filter will cause this fibre to accumulate in the vent leading outside, posing a serious fire risk.

5. Fire extinguishers

First, if you don’t have one – what are you waiting for!

Most people buy the disposable type of fire extinguisher for their homes. Make no mistake, these have an expiry date. And even after sitting for a few years, they can lose a lot of pressure. Even the effectiveness of chemicals will reduce over time.

If you have tenants then you should make it a point to replace fire extinguishers for them very frequently. Be a responsible landlord and make sure you don’t risk someone’s safety with an expired extinguisher.

6. Mattresses

It may be essential for a good night’s sleep, but a mattress typically receives little attention. With time, these will sag and lose the support they used to provide.

Don’t wait until you start to wake up with a backache to replace your old mattress. Bad sleep will, of course, affect your mood. More than that, it will affect your posture too.

An old mattress can become a breeding ground for bed bugs. Again, your best efforts to clean it will be in vain. Better to replace it – and fast!

Junk It Helps You Stay Junk-Free

At Junk It we know that every time you do your spring cleaning a lot of junk will be found. That’s why our services are so flexible and our trash removal dumpsters so mobile. Homeowners love us because we are just so effortless to work with.

Call Junk It now and keep your home junk-free.

Top Recyclers In Canada

Top Recyclers In Canada

The world is overwhelmed by waste. A number of countries are struggling with the amount of garbage that is accumulating. Many among them are yet to design a structured recycling mechanism to get rid of junk. This is costing planet Earth her resources.

In Canada alone, food waste and residue worth close to $30 billion, end up in landfills each year. On a positive note, recycled materials, such as paper, reduce air pollution by 74% and water pollution by 35%. With nearly 55 million plastic bags taken home each week, which would take, at the minimum, 400 billion years to break down in landfills, recycling should be a mandatory practice in Canadian households.

The Government of Canada, more than any private agency, is strongly involved in waste management. Hence, it should be of no surprise that some of the top recyclers in Canada are provincial waste management authorities. Here is a list of 5 recycling services and the value propositions provided by them.

Ontario Recycling Authority

Waste-free Ontario is the authority’s motto and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in landfills is one of its primary concerns. The provincial establishment has a 15-step action plan to enhance cities’ circular economy.

The Ontario Recycling Authority trusts companies with the onus of managing the environmental and financial ramifications of their products and packaging. This may include electrical and electronic waste, clothes, carpets and furniture.

One of the key ideas of the authority is banning food waste, beverage containers, fluorescent bulbs and tubes and working with organizations to reroute waste from landfills. The province is keen on investing in eco-friendly waste management initiatives and creative strategies by which individuals can take ownership of recycling household garbage.

Online Plastic Recycling Marketplaces

The Association of Plastics recyclers is an international plastics trade association, which has many independent plastic recycling companies as its members. The union is focused on providing industrial solutions for plastics recycling, specifically, post-consumer plastics packaging.

The association is involved in plastics recycling at all levels, from developing protocols for the design of recyclable plastic packaging, testing and promoting such packaging and rewarding and recognizing green packaging designs.

A similar organization is ‘Plastics Markets’, which is an online platform, maintained by the recycling authority of USA and Canada, where non-consumer buyers and sellers of plastic scrap can connect with each other.

Vikoz Enterprises Incorporated is another online, full-service plastics recycling enterprise that picks up plastic from homes and pays for scrap, based on quantity, location and type.

Waste Management Canada

An end-to-end waste disposal service, Waste Management carefully discerns recyclable content in the garbage. The agency then separates recyclable material and claims to “recover valuable resources to create clean renewable energy”.

Their website provides a location-based service to identify some of the temporary/ recurring services they provide, making it simpler for residents to avail them. However, they are yet to expand their operations to many locations.

Junk It

Junk It is a Canada-wide junk removal service. One of the core values of Junk It is to recycle compatible material from waste. The company also makes plenty of charitable donations from the material collected as appropriate, working with partner non-profits. Junk It also offers a transparent fee estimate and bins of all sizes for those who prefer ‘do-it-yourself’ junk-removal.

Ways to Avoid Illegal Dumping

Ways to Avoid Illegal Dumping

When was the last time you saw household waste being dumped in the bushes outside? This could be quite common in the rural areas of Canada. Corporate or construction waste sometimes finds itself amongst the grass and trees. Many residents have the misconception that leaving their old vehicles or yard waste in public areas is acceptable.

A combination of irreverence for the scenic Canadian outdoors and indifference to the consequences has lead illegal dumping to become a common practice among few. The act has effects that go beyond just being hard on the eye. The long-standing disadvantages of illegal dumping far outweigh the time and energy saved by what people think is a quick fix.

Batteries, acid bottles or half-empty paint containers can penetrate soils and mix with groundwater, creating a toxic environment. Radioactive emissions from such items can have a drastic impact on the resources around us. Furthermore, illegal dumping ruins the touristic value of a country known for its natural heritage.

Ways to Avoid Illegal Dumping

Undeniably, illegal dumping is pernicious, to health, wellbeing and the environment. How can we prevent this? Here are a few ideas:

Careful Monitoring

The municipal authorities can act as the watchdogs of a cleaner habitat by assigning surveillance duties to individuals. As a joint effort by officials as well as the members of a community, this can help keep illegal dumpers at bay.

A number to call, such as a 24-hour hotline, can be established to help report offenders. Many Canadian counties, such as the Thompson Nicola Regional District, already have such a service in operation.

Regular Clean-ups

Illegal dumping would not be the first time people have come together for the greater good, and it won’t be the last. An enthusiastic group of 300 activists, in British Columbia, have already made this happen. Communities everywhere need to be more proactive in protecting their own landscape. There are plenty of ways to create such groups, be it through social networking or volunteering associations. Initiatives like ‘Take Pride, Winnipeg’ are a case in point.

Awareness & Education

There have been incidents where lawbreakers were noticed tying tarpaulins, filled with waste, to trees. Few have even lined up their vehicles behind trucks to avoid being identified.

Canada could not have made it easier for residents to get rid of waste. Bin segregation, meticulously-planned garbage pickup by government agencies and rebates for efficient debris disposal are initiatives that help foster the green culture of Canada.

The simplest things individuals can do is be wary of the concerned rules and implement them accordingly. Publicly-organized events can further this awareness.

Constant Vigilance

Occupants can keep their property free of illegal waste dumping by installing fences, surveillance cameras and even alarms that signal when there is movement. These are common security measures that can be extended to keep the surroundings of properties clean.

The penalties for illegal dumping can be fines amounting up to $150,000 and, even, imprisonment. Call Junk It today to receive a free estimate and get your garbaged cleaned & help for junk removal without having to lift a finger.

Why did Canadian cities change their garbage disposal rules?

Why did Canadian cities change their garbage disposal rules?

Canada has always been very vigilant about garbage disposal. Stretching from East to West with a wealth of flora and fauna to speak for its heritage, it is all the more important that Canada maintains its environment sacrosanct.

Every Canadian city follows its own charter for waste elimination. Throughout Canada, there is a well-mapped schedule for garbage pickup.

All of us must be aware of the bin segregation rules: green bins for organic waste, blue bins for recyclable items and black bins for other articles, which do not fit into either of the former categories. However, cities put down their own specifications in regard to certain aspects of garbage collection. Here are the more interesting measures that some cities have already implemented/ are considering implementing for the same.


May of last year, the city of Gatineau made composting mandatory for its inhabitants. They are also expected to fit waste into a new 120-litre bin, one-sixth the size of their former bins. Every extra bag is charged $5.

Occupants of high-rise buildings, specifically, kicked up a stink about this new rule. With the amount of garbage that is being thrown out by condominium-owners, small bags would not be very well suited. However, the city feels that this is a more efficient way of recycling and is open to providing assistance to individuals who are not able to meet the mandate.


The snowy city to the North West had a utility committee meeting to understand how it can better handle the disposal of the city’s waste. Edmonton’s aim is to divert 90% of residential junk from landfills; the current quota being only 50%.

An initiative taken by the city to accomplish the goal is to throw out less grass. A major proportion of the organic dump from households is composed of grass clippings. Popularly known as ‘grasscycling’, this limits the amount of reusable turf that is thrown out. The council meeting also discussed the quantity of garbage that can be left on the curb and the usage of different kinds of bags for disposal.

Saint John

For close to a year now, Saint John has been following a new practice in terms of the type and weight of bags used to pack waste.

The revised solid waste bylaw suggested by the city’s authorities prohibits residents from packing garbage in small bags, be it from the grocery store or kitchen bags. Repeated complaints from collectors who have had to tip over bins to get hold of the bags have caused the government to instrument the law.

There are also restrictions imposed on the weight of bags. Disposal containers, whether they are bags, cans or bundles, must not exceed 44 pounds. Similarly, compost bins weighing more than 100 pounds will not be picked up. Lifters, in Saint John, pick up more than 5 tonnes of refuse every day. The new act aims to reduce the burden on them.

Whichever city you may be in, it pays to be aware of the garbage disposal rules. Cities impose huge fines on those who do not follow rules to the tee. Should you be in need of help to get rid of the scrap at home, call Junk It, today, and get it cleared without having to lift a finger.