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If you’re living within a smaller space, it’s likely that you don’t have the luxury or the space to keep items that no longer serve a purpose. However, many apartment owners still find their home cluttered with old trinkets that have long since become obsolete.

De-Cluttering Apartment

De-cluttering your apartment space can reinvigorate the entire home and ensure there’s room for new belongings in the future. And so within this blog, we’ll review the five best tips for de-cluttering your apartment!

  1. Set a Time Limit for the Cleaning Process
  2. Setting a time limit for the de-cluttering process will give the project focus. It will allow you to dedicate a specific amount of time to each room or area and to ensure that you don’t waste time within the process.

    You might also consider setting a regular schedule over a period of a few days, say one hour per day, to clean each room. This will help you stay on task, give you time to analyze the effectiveness of your previous de-cluttering work, and hone your cleaning processes.

  3. De-Clutter Using Piles
  4. During the de-cluttering process, it’s important you create three separate piles for your belongings: one for items that you wish to discard; one for items that you wish to donate and one for items that you will keep or put in storage. This will help keep the de-cluttering process organized and prevent you from accidentally keeping an item that should be thrown away.

  5. Begin with Old Magazines and Newspapers
  6. Most homes have a pile of old magazines and newspapers that are no longer read. It’s important to begin the de-cluttering process by collecting all old magazines, newspapers and other unimportant documents that can be thrown away. You might be surprised how much space this creates in your home.

  7. Question How Often You Use items
  8. De-cluttering can be a challenge for some because it can be difficult to decide which items to throw away and which to keep. The important question to ask is “What is this item’s value to me?” It could have material value or sentimental value, but discarding old items that simply don’t hold any value can provide you more space within your apartment.

  9. Remove Unnecessary Furniture
  10. It could be an extra chair around the dining room table or a foot stool in the living room, but removing those unrequired furniture items can help significantly de-clutter your apartment space. If you’re in the process of buying new furniture, it’s important to find multifunctional pieces to conserve the space they require in the home.

By utilizing the de-cluttering tips highlighted in this article, you can reduce the challenge involved in cleaning and maintaining your apartment space. To learn more de-cluttering tips, contact our expert team today!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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