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We have all watched the cyclical nature of trends in fashion bringing bell bottoms, platforms, vintage tees, and more come in and out of style in a whirlwind motion. Clothing, shoes, accessories, cars, and even toys fall into the fickle patterns of hot or not—and it’s our job to stay abreast of the fads and fashions that steal the spotlight.


One hot ticket item that currently has celebrities and the every man, woman, and child hooked is that of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

These sunglasses first made the design debut in 1956 when Ray-Ban veered from the traditional metal eyewear trend and gave way to plastic. Their lightweight and assorted colour designs made it an easy choice for people to pick a pair that reflected their own sense of style.

By the 1980’s the Wayfarers were seen in their most notable style and made their way quickly into popular culture. Memorable references include members of the Blues Brothers, Cory Feldman and his appearance at the Academy Awards, films such as The Breakfast Club and many other star sightings including but not limited to Billy Joel, U2, Michel Jackson, Tom Cruise, and of course—Corey Hart and his sunglasses at night.

The 1990’s and early 2000’s saw a decline in popularity but recently the Wayfarer has made a punchy return being featured everywhere from the Ray-Ban campaigns to marketing promo pieces handed out by bands, beer brands, and others.

The real question remains, what is better the new wave or the original pair? Are original Wayfarers junk or no junk?

The short answer after a quick trip to EBay is: depending on the pair—they are still of some value! New pairs run on the Ray-Ban website between $160-300 while the average vintage pair on EBay seems to be fetching between $125-250. One pair of unique originals is even being sold upward of $800, as original models in good condition are being considered collector items among accessory junkies.

With vintage styles making such a return it’s time to search through the hope chests and storage lockers to see what plucky finds may come your way. Whether you choose to rock the items yourself, or see if you can fetch a pretty penny on online auction sites, you’re still in for a pleasant surprise!

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