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Tamagotchis are one of the most unique toys to appear on the market. They were designed to exist as living creatures, and were referred to as a digital pet. These were widely popular, with more than 75 million units being sold around the world.


As a result, they have been known to show up in the junk removal piles of many homeowners. They also cause people to wonder if these toys are still worth anything. The following will help you determine if your Tamagotchi is junk or not junk.

The Birth of the Tamagotchi

The Tamagotchi toy first appeared on the market in 1996. Created in Japan and sold by the Bandai company, it went on to sell millions worldwide. It’s a digital pet that can be held in the palm of the hand, and responds to the care it receives from its owners.

The toy is small and shaped like an egg, and includes a digital interface and a few buttons. Its name is derived from a combination of the Japanese word for “egg” and the word “watch” in English.

The toy has a backstory depicting it as an alien that arrived on Earth. As it “grows”, it develops according to how it is cared for by its owner. Those who appropriately care for their Tamagotchis end up with happy and intelligent pets.

The toys developed a huge following, and became popular among toy collectors. Various models were produced to offer different game experiences for users.

The Living Tamagotchi

Like any living creature, Tamagotchis must be nurtured and fed. This created a unique interactive experience with users, as some Tamagotchis actually would “die” from poor care or attention. Another consequence is that the creature would return to its home planet, and the user must begin again to care for it from the beginning.

Different models include the TamagOtchi, Digimon, Devilgotchi, and AngelGotchi. As a result, many players sought to collect a variety of these digital pets.

How to Value Your Tamagotchi

The first step in determining the value of your Tamagotchi is to determine if it is an authentic model. Many imitations appeared on the market, making it difficult to know if yours is in fact the real thing.

All Tamagotchis have the company logo (BanDai) on the casing and packaging. The device will have three buttons, and the product should be spelled as “Tamagotchi”. Popular knock-offs were spelled as “Tamagotchii”.

A quick look on sites such as eBay will quickly demonstrate an average selling price of about $30 CAD. So even if yours is an authentic Tamagotchi, you’ll need to consider such things as condition, original packaging, and function. These can all reduce the asking price.

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