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Everyone at JuNK iT! has been a bit down lately because summer is over and the weather has been miserable. The rain has got us all stuck indoors flicking through the TV hoping something good will come on. Need a good idea to get family or friends together for some fun? Winter pictionary it is! This fun game suggested on the Kaboose website seems like great fun on a boring, rainy day! During lunch, the JuNK iT! team most definitely gave it a try and had a blast! Here are the instructions that Kaboose provided.

Supplies: Black board and chalk or Dry Erase board and markers Slips of paper with a different winter items/objects on each one. For example: mittens, coat, candy cane, snowflake, etc. Christmas themed bowl to draw from or a stocking.

How To Play: Divide everyone into teams. The player up draws a slip of paper from the stocking, reads it silently and keeps it to themselves. The player must then draw clues as to what was on their paper and by so doing get their team to say what it is. If the playing team guesses correctly, before the timer runs out, they get two points. If the playing team cannot guess correctly, before the timer runs out, the opposing team may take one guess. If the opposing team guesses correctly they get a point and the playing team loses a point. Whoever has the most points wins. For small children don’t divide into teams, use a timer or keep track of points. Have fun!

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Source: Kaboose Picture credit: Jonathan Wiz

Ready to get your junk removed?

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