How An Organic Garden Can Reduce Waste

Having an organic garden means access to organic fruits or vegetables, but also an organic garden is better for the environment than a standard one. An organic garden means that all parts of taking care of your garden should be environmentally sustainable, which makes the decision to have an organic garden even more appealing to those who want to help save the planet. Whether you’re controlling garden pests, enriching the soil, or tending to the garden, keep an eye out for ways you can reduce waste.

Reducing Waste

Controlling Pests Naturally

The key to pest control is frequency of treatment, which means that ideally you should be in the garden once a week, or more if time allows.

Weeds: prevention is key, and the trick is to keep a thick layer of mulch on top of the soil so that the seeds of unwanted plants don’t have an opportunity to grow and take root. Whenever your garden is exposed to heavy rain, check to see if the layer of mulch has been washed away, and replenish the layer with fresh, dry mulch to return it to a proper thickness. You can make mulch using grass clippings or leaves collected during autumn.

Bugs: Before resorting to homemade sprays or other organic pesticides, physical barriers can prevent bugs from eating away your precious plants. Plant collars are made from a variety of materials, usually ones that make it difficult for bugs to climb up, and they wrap around the area where the plant stalks extend upwards from the soil. Fine-meshed nets and other traps also work to deter bugs from flying or walking onto your fruits and vegetables. The collars can be made from toilet paper rolls covered in produce bags, or plastic rings cut from yogurt cups while onion or potato bags are fine as mesh coverings.

Make Your Own Compost

Every backyard can be turned into a composting station. A large container, such as an unused garbage bin or food container is best for holding the compost. The bottom of the container must have a number of small holes to allow drainage to flow out and air to flow in. Old food scraps from the kitchen is mixed in with some soil so it can decompose while worms and other helpers from the garden help with breaking down the food. After a few months, you’ll have nutrient rich soil to use for your garden to help your plants grow strong and fast.

Make Cleaning Fun And Easy For Your Kids

Cleaning time can be painful for any parent. Battle cries of “Clean your room!” echo through the walls and seem to make no difference. But all hope is not lost. Here are three easy tips to help make cleaning fun and easy.

  1. Take the child’s view point: By getting down to their level you will realize what the world looks like from their point of view. Closet doors might be too complicated or heavy to open, hangers too high to reach, and containers may be in hard to reach places or are not easy to open. Make things easier for them by removing closet doors and replacing them with fashionable shower curtains, buy child size coat hangers, and have open floor-level containers for clothes and toys.
  2. Keep child a part of the process and make it fun: Yelling is not going to teach them organization skills or maintenance methods. In fact, it’s going to make them hate cleaning even more. Teaching and learning first hand, however, does. So don’t race around the room by yourself because you feel it will be faster and less complicated. You will only be doing yourself a disservice in the long run. Keep your child involved. Have them help. Play some music while you do it. Be their organizational consultant. And when they are done, give them a great big “High five!” afterwards followed with some great compliments. In no time, they will be more than happy to clean their room even if you have to encourage them a little.
  3. De-clutter their room: Children out grow their toys and clothes almost every year and almost every year we replace them with new and better ones. But as the years go on, we soon begin to accumulate a lot of out-grown and unnecessary junk. If you have plans to have more kids, then have your child help you box and store away toys and clothes for their next “brother” or “sister”. If there are no plans for more children, get your child to donate salvageable items they don’t want anymore and dispose of the rest.

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Toronto Junk Removal Adventures: The Annex House
Junk Removal

Junk It can handle almost any junk removal or waste disposal job, no matter how big or small. Our self service option offers a variety of disposal bins in a number of sizes. If you only have a small amount of junk to get rid of, you can order our smallest bin and quickly and efficiently get the job done. If you have more waste, we have larger bins available to help you out!

The same goes for our full service option. Our trained Junk It staff will handle the entire process for you and you only pay for the space your junk takes up in the truck and the amount of time required to complete the job.

While Junk It can scale its process to handle jobs of any size, we have the most fun with the really big, difficult jobs. What can we say? We love a challenge! One of those jobs was a two storey house in Toronto. Our team worked hard to clean out this house and were very proud of the result. It was definitely a big job and we handled it well.

This house was located in the Annex area of Toronto. We were called in to clean out the entire home and told that there was a lot of junk! Our Toronto junk removal team kept that in mind and took their trucks off to the house. Was there ever a lot for us to get rid of!

The Junk It Toronto junk removal staff worked long and hard for many hours and cleaned out the entire house. By the time they were done, they had taken a total of 20 truck loads of material from the house! It was definitely a big job, but one that we were glad to tackle. What made our team even more proud was the fact that we were able to recycle a large portion of the material. Recycling as much as we can is very important to the Junk It philosophy.

Junk It specializes in furniture removal, carpet removal, appliance removal and more. As you’ve seen from the adventure in the Annex house, no job is too big for our junk removal team!

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