Friends With Restaurant Makeover on Food Network

Restaurant MakeoverRestaurant Makeover challenges two restaurant top guns to renovate, revamp, and re-launch local restaurants. The seasoned hot shots–renowned Chefs and Designers from around the country–have a week to overhaul the entire restaurant and the kitchen.”

A lot of junk is accumulated when a restaurant is made over. That is why our friends at Restaurant Makeover on the Food Network call us to take care of it.

There is so much junk we pick up from these restaurants but we recycle a lot of it because it is construction waste. Lumber, concrete, drywall can all be sorted and recycled. We try to avoid putting as much of this stuff in the landfill as possible.

Many TV shows use our services because they demand the most reliable and high quality services.

Why not try Junk It?

Who is your favourite chef and designer on the show?

UPDATE: Almost sold out for Victoria Weekend. Order soon.