8 Improvements That Come With A Clean Garage

Although cleaning your garage can be one of the biggest – and perhaps most daunting – task of any homeowner to take on, investing time into decluttering and organizing the space does have many benefits. In this article, we’re looking at the most valuable benefits of creating a mess-free space.

Benefits Of A Clean Garage

  1. You can Save/Earn Money.
    Having your tools and other items organized and knowing where they are located can save money by reducing the likelihood that you will purchase a double of a given item. Moreover, you are likely to find that you have doubles of items that could be sold online, or items that are of no use anymore that could also be sold.
  2. Increased Well-Being.
    A garage can be a source of much stress for various reasons, which can have a negative emotional impact. One study found that clutter negatively impacts your ability to focus and process information. However, knowing that the garage is clutter-free and is a visually appealing space will do a lot for your mental well-being.
  3. Improved Safety.
    Your garage will be a much safer place for yourself and your family without any nails or screws on the ground or boxes to trip over, all of which are safety hazards.
  4. Additional Space.
    The additional space that will come from having an organized space means that you will have room for storing other important belongings, like the family car or seasonal patio furniture.
  5. Time Saving.
    Knowing where everything is will save you a lot of time and make your life much easier when you eventually need to retrieve something from the garage.
  6. Bikes, Snowmobiles, And Other Small Vehicles Will Likely Be In Better Condition.
    An increase in space will not only allow you to store recreational vehicles or equipment indoors where there wasn’t space before (therein protecting them from the elements), but this increased space will allow you to store them in a way that ensures they stay in top condition, such as storing bikes on a rack, for example.
  7. A Reduction in Animal or Bug Infestations.
    A clean and sanitary space will discourage rodents, other small animals and bugs from making a home in your garage.
  8. Increase in Productivity.
    Having an organized space, especially with a garage worktop, is likely to motivate you to actually use it. You may find yourself tackling DIY projects that you never got around to doing because you simply didn’t have the room to work.

During the process of cleaning and organizing your garage, you are surely to find a lot of junk that is beyond salvaging. If that’s the case, contact our team at Junk It!. We will remove all of your excess junk quickly, efficiently and hassle-free.

Vintage VS Junk: How To Tell If Your Instrument Is Worth Anything

Could you be holding onto a priceless instrument that was crafted by a skilled artisan long, long ago? The chances of that are slim, but that doesn’t mean that the vintage instrument sitting in the basement is worthless. Perform this quick analysis before deciding to clear some space in storage by calling a junk removal service.

Vintage Instrument

Brand Power

Instruments fashioned by respected brands hold up better to aging, while preserving their quality construction so when they’re played, they still sound better than their competition. If you’re hanging onto the receipt from when it was first purchased, the cost of the instrument can be a good indicator of how much it’s worth today. You have to keep in mind the relative costs of instruments though, because a low end, expensive instruments could be costlier than a high end instrument that’s easier to manufacture.

Pianos to Look for

There are thousands of piano brands, and some of the most recognizable brands include:

  • Originally Austrian, Bosendorfer has been in business for over 100 years.
  • Fazioli is an Italian brand that manufactures grand pianos used around the world.
  • Mason and Hamlin is an American brand that’s not quite as old as Bosendorfer, but it’s not an upstart company either.
  • Kawai is a Japanese brand that makes white grand pianos that are easily recognized.

Violin Brands

Violins aren’t as large of an instrument but they’re still quite valuable as well made violins will sound better with use. Like wine, aging improves the good ones so check the outside or lining of the violin case for the stamping of the following brands:

  • Cecilio is a mid-range brand that’s more readily available than the high-end collector’s brands while providing a high quality sound.
  • Franz Hoffmann is actually made in China, and the quality is impeccable as it is a superior brand to most of the options available on the market.
  • Scott Cao is actually associated with the maker’s name, putting it at the top of this list.

An important factor to look for is how well the instrument has held up over time. Even if you have a rare instrument, if it was improperly stored and suffered damage, its value will drop significantly to the point where it may not even be worth much. Inspect your instrument for visible signs of wear, including warping, cracking, or discolouration.

How to Make the Most of a Small Apartment

Sometimes the best lives are led in a tiny apartment. After all, tiny apartments can have lower rent, allowing you to live in better locations and spend more money on your passions!

Making Small Spaces Work

Fortunately, living in a tiny apartment can be a breeze if you follow the following steps for junk identification. For all junk removal in Toronto, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote!

  1. Use fold-away or stacking furniture
  2. Fold-away furniture is incredibly practical, and is becoming quite chic. Nice fold-away chairs and tables can switch your apartment between an open livable space and a cozy dinner party setting in a matter of minutes. Stacking or nesting furniture is also making a comeback, especially with classy wooden benches that can slide under the table or on top of each other when not in use.

  3. Spend time de-cluttering
  4. By living in a small downtown apartment, you will likely save a lot of time on commuting, so spend some of that time keeping the clutter levels in your home at a minimum. There are many strategies for controlling clutter in a small space, but some of our favorites are:

    • Budget 10 minutes a day. You’d be surprised at how much work you can finish in 10 minutes of focused work a day. That’s enough time to sort a pile of papers, pick up everything on the floor, or fold laundry.
    • Use vertical storage containers. A shelving unit takes up precious floor space, but not nearly as much floor space as a pile of junk. Use open shelves instead of closed ones to know when the junk on the shelves is getting out of control.
    • Force yourself to make decisions. Do not allow any piles to be “pending decision” piles. Every time you pick up an object, decide whether to store it permanently or toss it!
  5. Obvious junk removal
  6. A shelving unit makes it easy to see how much of your stuff is obviously junk: it’s the stuff on shelves that looks terrible and that you don’t use. Get rid of it.

  7. Less-obvious junk removal
  8. It can be harder to tell what junk is if it is grouped in with non-junk. The most obvious example of this is in your closet. It can be hard to notice that unused clothes are adding up. Use the hanger method: turn all your hangers around backwards. When you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back up the right way around. After six months, junk or donate all the clothes that were never worn. You can use similar methods to identify unused cookware, books and magazines, video and board games, or any other commonly used household items.

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