Dumpster Rentals Equals Less Stress

Organizing your home can be a scary thought especially when you look around and realize how much clutter you have accumulated over the years. Organizing may be stressful but an organized home can actually create a stress free environment for you and your loved ones in the long run. Shedding the excess weight feels just as good on your body as it does on your home. So here are 5 tips to help your home shed at least 15lbs!

  1. Clean out all the old condiments you haven’t used in three months from the fridge.
  2. Clean out all the old magazines you no longer read or need.
  3. Tackle your medicine cabinets and personal care cupboards. Throw out all your old cosmetics and personal care items that you haven’t used in a while. Chances are if you don’t use it now, you won’t ever. Make sure to dispose of medicines properly by taking them to your pharmacy.
  4. Get rid of old clothing! This includes socks, underwear, pajamas…you name it!
  5. Clear up your kitchen table and/or dining room table of loose papers. Either file it away or shred it!

Rent a dumpster for the day you want to start clearing out your house. Dumpster rentals allow you to go through your house and throw out the items you don’t want without second guessing yourself. If you threw away something you really didn’t want to, you can always go back and take it out. A few days with the dumpster rental and all the items you wanted out, will be gone! Leave it up to our fabulous junk removal crew to drop off and pick up the dumpsters, making it a care-free experience!

Book online today at www.junkit.ca or give us a call at 416-531-5865.

Dumpster Rentals for Summer Rush Clean Up

Summer is almost officially here, and everyone is enjoying the warm days and cool breeze. It’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air into your house. It’s also about this time of year when everyone realizes how much clutter they have! It’s at this point when you decide to let things go. Pack everything you’ve never really liked or used into a box and date it a year from the day packed. Leave it in your storage room and if you haven’t opened the box by the date that is written on the box, don’t open it! Just throw it out. If you haven’t used whatever is in that box in a year, you will probably never use it. Rent a dumpster on the day of all the dated boxes so when it arrives you have no choice but to throw things out. Dumpster rentals give you the freedom to take your time, allowing you to rent them for days up to weeks, to make sure you get a chance to throw out everything you wanted to. It’s the most convenient way of de-cluttering your house without worrying about being rushed or renting a truck, hiring help, and finding a disposal station. Dumpster rentals are not only convenient but they are almost the most economical option. Call us today at 416.531.5865 to book a dumpster or book online and save an additional $25!

Dumpster Rentals in Toronto

Moving house? Summer clean up? Then a dumpster rental is just the thing you are looking for! Getting rid of your junk has become easier than ever. Don’t deal with the hassle of renting a truck and finding a disposal station, just get a dumpster dropped off right on your driveway and let JuNK iT! take care of the delivery and pick up of the bin so you don’t have to. Our dumpsters are easy to load with walk-in access and low walls so you don’t have to worry about hiring a body builder. Throw away all your old furniture, appliances, renovation waste, stained carpets, damaged clothes and anything else that’s cluttering up your home. Do this all without feeling rushed. Our bin rental includes 3 full calendar days in between delivery and pick up so you can take your time, and if you need it for longer, give us a call and we can extend your rental* for a small fee of $20 per day. Get a load of your mind! Give JuNK iT! a call today at 416. 531.5865 or book online and save $25 at www.junkit.ca. *Depending on bin availability.

UPDATE: Almost sold out for Victoria Weekend. Order soon.