New Changes on Facebook

New Changes on FacebookWith Google+ appearing on the scene, everyone thought that this would be the death of Facebook. For Mark Zuckerberg this was a challenge he was ready to have a comeback for. On September 22, 2011, San Francisco held the F8 conference where Zuckerberg released the latest changes that will be coming to Facebook.

1. The News Feed- has now been split up into two; the Feed and Ticker We all know the infamous news feed that shows us all our friends and Facebook page updates. But now with the introduction of the Ticker, less interesting updates will go into this news feed while more current and important updates will go to the main news feed. This will help eliminate too much “noise” in news feeds.

2. User profiles have been redesigned as the “Timeline”- a scrapbook of your life. Your profile will experience the biggest change since the invention of Facebook. The basic outline will now be replaced with the Timeline. This now gives an overview of your activity since the first day you signed up to Facebook in a chronological order, from the top being the most recent to the bottom. You can add photos and activities from the day you were born if you wish, adding to your Timeline. This was inspired by scrap books and reviving lost memories.

3. The next stage for the Open Graph: The Open Graph now allows any action within an application now possible. Applications can now tell Facebook that a user has “watched” a video, or “read” an article, or “listened” to a song. These will be updated on the Ticker in order to filter low-level updates so you don’t get bombarded by your friend’s usage of Facebook.

4. You can watch TV and movies, listen to music and read news with your friends. Thanks to a bunch of partnerships, you can watch a show with Hulu, listen to music on Spotify, or read news with Yahoo News. Whatever it is that you are doing, it will show up on you Ticker feed.

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