Five Cleaning & Organizing Tips

ClutterSometimes organization can seem difficult.  You can look at a messy basement or a cluttered garage and feel overwhelmed by the job.  That feeling usually leads to closing the door and adding “clean the garage” to your “I can do that later list.”

The problem is that the longer you put off the job, the less likely it is that you’re going to do it.  Most of us have messy areas in our homes because we’ve become complacent with our current situation and we can’t think of a way to tackle what looks like a huge job.

Here are a few tips that will help you clean up and organize your home.

1)     Break the job down into specific smaller tasks

Cleaning out the garage or organizing your basement seems like too big of a job to handle but, if you break the job up into several smaller tasks, it suddenly becomes more doable.

For example, if you have a very messy basement, one of your smaller jobs could be to clean everything off of the floor.  Another small job could be to clean off one shelf every week.

When you break things up into manageable chunks, the job doesn’t seem so hard.

2)     Throw away your obvious garbage

In every messy room there are things that you obviously no longer need.  Old magazines, clothing you never wear and broken or damaged items are perfect examples of things you should be able to get rid of without much thought.  Get the easy items out of the way and your cleaning job will already look more possible.

3)     Sort the remaining items into piles

Make a “definitely keep” pile for those things you obviously want to hold onto.  Make a “maybe throw away” pile and put everything else there.  If you find any additional junk while sorting, put it directly into a “garbage” pile.

Then go through the “maybe throw away” pile and split it between “keep” and “garbage.”  If you haven’t used something in months and can’t honestly foresee using it in the future, put it in the “garbage” pile.  Be honest with yourself here and throw away anything you no longer need.

4)   Hire a junk removal company

For many jobs, it makes sense to hire a junk removal company to help you out.  You may want to rent a dumpster or trash bin to throw everything you no longer need into.  If you have a lot of junk, or you don’t have the time needed to throw everything away yourself, you may want a full service junk removal company.  They will do the hard work for you!  JuNKiT offers both services.

5)      Now organize everything

By this point you likely have a lot less stuff in your messy room.  It’s probably a lot easier to go through everything and organize it at this point.  Soon you’ll be left with a clean, functional room and you’ll have reclaimed a previously useless space in your house.  Enjoy the extra square footage!

Junk It in the Media: Colin and Justin’s Home Heist & Canada’s Worst Handyman

Colin & Justin’s Home HeistColin and Justin’s Home Heist is a Canadian reality television show that airs on HGTV. On the show two interior decorators, Colin and Justin, transform boring or ugly homes into interesting and stylish spaces. The show is one of HGTV’s most popular programs. When the show needed someone to clean up the junk from their renovations, they called Junk It.

Junk It is well known for our fast, affordable and reliable junk removal services. We offer both full service and self service junk removal, dumpster rental, garbage pick up and garbage bin rental.

On the show, the two designers find homes in Toronto that they feel need a makeover. They then set out to transform these spaces into dynamic new areas. Junk It helped by making the junk removal process quick, easy and reliable.

The same is true for Canada’s Worst Handyman. This show pits contestants against one another in a competition to avoid becoming known as “Canada’s Worst Handyman.”

Again, when the show needed quick, reliable, affordable junk removal services, they called Junk It. We are well known for our effective, responsible junk removal services.

Both of these shows recognized what hundred of customers have already known: Junk It can make your home renovation or construction project much easier and more efficient. Using our self service or full service garbage removal services is an excellent way to speed up your renovation process and make clean-up much, much easier.

Instead of worrying about post renovation cleaning, have the Junk It team come in and get rid of the waste. Rather than traveling to the dump after a long day of work, fill up a Junk It dumpster or garbage bin and we’ll take it away when you’re done with it! We’re here to make life easier for you!

If you’re interested in junk removal, furniture disposal, dumpster rental, appliance removal, carpet disposal or renovation material disposal, contact Junk It today! Our prices are up to 10% cheaper than the competition.

Clean the Junk from Your Garage
Clean The Junk From Your Garage

If you’re like most people, over the years your garage has become cluttered. Boxes of old clothes, holiday decorations, tools and lawn care instruments likely fill most of the usable space. You may not even be able to get the car in there anymore! There are many advantages to cleaning out your garage.

First, a clean garage can be used for its main purpose: protecting your car. If you garage is cluttered enough that you can’t pull your car into it, it’s time to call a junk removal company. Keeping your car indoors, away from wind, water and snow damage, can prolong the life of your vehicle. Some insurance companies even offer lower rates to those who store their cars indoors.

If you car does fit in the garage, that’s a good first step. However, junk removal could help you in other ways. Your car can actually be damaged by a disorganized garage.  Shovels, rakes and tools left in the garage can become hazards that can scratch your vehicle. Large, heavy objects placed on high shelves can fall, damaging your car and possibly hurting someone! Clear some space in your garage and rest safely.

If you don’t have a car, you may be using your garage for storage. That idea made sense when you first moved into your home, but there’s a good chance that the storage room has now become a “cram as much junk as possible and shut the door quickly” room. You’ll need to sort through the items in the garage and throw out whatever you don’t need. Hiring a junk removal company can make this process easier and faster.

Once your garage is clean, you’ll be able to turn it into usable space. Maybe you’ve always wanted a games room. Maybe you could use a new workbench. Some people even use their garages as home offices. Once your garage is clean and organized, the possibilities are endless!

Junk removal is a great way to take advantage of the storage space in your home. With a little organization and the help of a garbage bin or dumpster, you can transform what was once an embarrassing mess into an incredibly useful space that you will love to show off!

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