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Better Than The Leading Bag

Have a renovation project? Going through a house clean-up? Then you’ll probably have a lot of junk to get rid of! If you’re looking for a junk removal solution that is better than the Bagster™ or other bag solution and is the easiest, safest and best disposal solution available, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re getting rid of yard waste, construction materials, old carpets, renovation waste, damaged appliances, or broken electronics, Junk It offers the most efficient dumpster rental options without causing you any hassle. Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2002, our happy customers have established great relationships with us and we have the awards to prove this. According to Homestars, Junk It’s dumpster rental services is the highest rated company at 98% both across the GTA and in Toronto.

Junk It’s dumpsters are easier to use, have a larger capacity, driveway friendly and are much more convenient than any other junk removal option. Junk removal has never been easier with Junk It with our efficient, easy to use, and affordable dumpster rentals. This do-it-yourself method of junk removal will allow you to reclaim your space by getting rid of all the items you don’t need without having to fork out a substantial amount of money. It’s perfect for Spring cleaning or when you’re in the midst of a large renovation for your home or business!

Dumpster Bin Rentals with Junk It

When you need a dumpster bin delivered, simply contact us and a member of our Junk It team will arrange for a bin delivery to your doorstep at your earliest convenience. We’ll place it exactly where you need it and place a temporary platform between the bin and your driveway for extra measure to ensure no damage is done to your property. Our dumpster bins feature walk-in doors that are easy to access, so you can say goodbye to having to lift heavy objects over high walls. If you don’t know what size you require for your project, give us a call and we’ll offer you a recommendation based on our years of experience operating junk removal services.

When your bin is delivered, simply fill the container with everything you don’t need and call us once the job is done. We’ll pick it up and haul it away, giving you clarity and peace of mind once all your unwanted items are finally gone for good. To fit your busy life and schedule, we also offer flexible rental duration since we know that the process of cleaning out can sometimes take longer than anticipated.

To make sure that we are playing an active role in the preservation of our environment, we divert, recycle, and donate up to 60% of all waste that has been disposed of from our containers. We work with a network of local charities, such as Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity to further extend the lifeline of your unwanted items. All other collected items are brought to a Ministry approved and licensed transfer station where unwanted items are scanned, sorted, and processed in order to reduce the waste taken to our landfills. With our fully transparent, upfront pricing model, you will never have to worry about hidden fuel surcharges or other costs that you were not expecting

To get on your way to reclaiming your space, contact us today at 416-531-5865 or 1-866-JUNK-IT-NOW.

This is How A Junk It Dumpster Stacks Up To The Competition

JuNK iT! Dumpster Leading Bag Solution
5 cubic yards (also available
in 10, 15 and 20 cubic yards)
3 cubic yards
Weight Capacity
Up to 10000 Kgs
3300 Kgs Max
We bring it right to you and
pick it up when you’re done!
Zippo! You have to go to the store to pick one up.
Ease of loading
The dumpster’s barn doors
open up to make it easy for
you to walk in with material.
No doors.

Junk It’s dumpster services are the most convenient, easiest and most useful way to clean up your junk! We bring our dumpsters right to you and pick them up when you’re done!


In cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Environment as an environmentally friendly business operation, we are 100% insured and licensed and abide by strict regulatory guidelines. As a result, we only pick up non-hazardous materials and are prohibited from disposing of the following:

  • Antifreeze
  • Batteries
  • Bleach
  • Cleaners
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Fluorescent light tubes
  • Gasoline, motor oil or hydraulic oil
  • Any type of Medical Waste
  • Aerosol cans
  • Paint or paint cans
  • Pool chemicals
  • Propane tanks and cylinders
  • Solvents and thinners
  • Asbestos
  • Fridges containing Freon or Freon tanks
  • Any type of liquid waste

Be sure to check out frequently asked questions if you want to know more.

For more information on our dumpster services and to order a dumpster delivery for your renovation project or large clean-up, CONTACT JUNK IT TODAY. You’ll even save $25 off of the regular price by BOOKING ONLINE!

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation or book online right now using our easy booking system.

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