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06 MAR 2018

It may seem straightforward enough when you rent a dumpster how to go about disposing of your junk. Collect, toss and repeat. There are, however, some things you should know, specifically precautions to take and hazards to avoid when using your dumpster rental that every single dumpster rental company incorporates into their safety protocols for… Read More

12 MAY 2017

Batteries are now in most household products. They offer a convenient power source and are easy-to-use within many devices and appliances. But while most people use batteries on a daily basis, many still don’t understand how to safely dispose of the batteries they’ve used. Within this article, we’ll take a look at the process for… Read More

15 NOV 2016

If you are undertaking a new remodelling project or removing clutter from your home, or office, you likely are looking into renting a dumpster to store all of the junk and scrap material during the project. While it’s fine to throw most items into your dumpster, there are certain items that cannot go into your… Read More

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