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Garbage Bin and Dumpster Rental Service Areas

If you are looking for furniture disposal, junk removal, safe disposal of electronics, garbage bin rental, appliance disposal, dumpster rental, carpet disposal or any other junk removal services, Junk It can help! We have helped over 100,000 happy customers get rid of junk using our dumpster rental service. We have been doing this since 2002 so we have the experience to make sure that this is the easiest, most reliable dumpster rental service available .

Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario

You can count on Junk It to take the hassle out of your waste disposal in Ontario We serve home and business owners in and around Central and Southern Ontario, providing consistently reliable services. Regardless of your location, expect a fast dumpster and bin delivery—we strictly follow our schedule.

Flexible Rental Options

Depending on your needs, you can rent a garbage bin and  dumpster for easy waste disposal.

Garbage Bin Rentals

Rent your garbage bin, throw in your garbage and let our friendly professional drivers haul the bin away on the scheduled pick-up day..It’s that simple!

Dumpster Rentals

Our dumpsters are driveway friendly for peace of mind and feature walk-in access, so you don’t have to perform any heavy lifting. Super convenient and dependable!

Fuss-Free Services

What makes Junk It the bin rental company of choice in Toronto and parts of Ontario is that our services are hassle-free and simple. Everything is transparent, and we help you complete your project on time.

  • We Take a Majority of Garbage Types. Except for hazardous wastes, Junk It handles almost every type of material commonly disposed of, including:
    • Furniture (desks, cabinets, couches, mattresses, etc.)
    • Non-Freon Appliances (stoves, washer, dryers, etc.)
    • E-waste (computers, fax machines, etc.)
    • Construction and renovation debris ( wood, asphalt, drywall, etc.). Soil and concrete can be disposed of using our landscaper mini-bin.
    • Household items (dishes, boxes, lawnmowers, clutter, )


  • Our Garbage Bins and Dumpsters Come in Four Sizes. No need to order a massive dumpster if you only need a small container. Junk It’s garbage bin rentals come in diverse sizes, so you can choose one that meets your needs.
    • Mini-Bin (14 x 8 x 1.5 ft.) – Best for small household rubbish, dirt, rock, soil, asphalt, bricks, concrete, yard waste, and more.
    • Medium (14 x 8 x 3 ft.) – Best for roofing materials, construction debris (wood, drywall, etc.), demolition or construction waste, carpets, and more.
    • Large (14 x 8 x 4 ft.) – Best for house cleanouts, shingles and roofing materials, furniture, renovation and demolition waste, and more.
    • Extra Large (14 x 8 x 5 ft.) – Best for estate cleanouts, mattresses, large furniture, renovation, construction, and demolition waste, and more.


  • Enjoy All-Inclusive Flat Rates. No surprise rates or hidden charges.All disposal fees included. Plus, our commercial clients may apply for a commercial discount on garbage pick-up. If you order a rental bin or dumpster online, you also enjoy $25 off. [Question: can we change this text easily if needed?]


  • Our Bins and Dumpsters are Driveway-Safe. On top of that, we take several precautions to prevent damage. We put wood underneath the bin, which forms a protective barrier for your driveway. Our trucks are also equipped with the latest delivery technology that places the garbage bin or dumpster gently at the location preventing any damage. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of damage free deliveries. You can trust us to protect your property.


  • We Follow Environmentally-Friendly Practices and are fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Up to 60% of our loads do not head for the landfills because Junk It diverts recyclables and materials that can be donated. We partner with licensed institutions for recycling and donations. Any remaining waste is disposed of at a fully licensed facility.

Easy Process

Step 1. Choose the size of the rental bin or dumpster. If you’re unsure, just ask our team!

Step 2. We’ll deliver your rental bin and place it safely to prevent driveway damage.

Step 3. Load your junk onto the bin or dumpster.

Step 4. We’ll haul your rubbish away according to the scheduled pick-up day.


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Garbage Bin and Dumpster is the same thing that is why I changed this to “and” instead of “or”.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation or book online right now using our easy booking system.

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