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As a professional waste cleanup service provider, Junk It has handled our share of electronic waste. We know that A/C units, desktop computers, laptop computers, kitchen appliances, printing devices, telephones, televisions, and other types of electronics aren’t easy to get rid of. Our team efficiently handles them for you.

We specialize in the responsible, efficient, and safe disposal of electronic waste for both residential and commercial properties.  Our team suggests professional e-waste disposal for various reasons.

  1. Electronic devices and appliances are made from heavy-duty materials, like aluminium, steel, and copper. Even if your electronics are old, the materials are usually recyclable.
  2. When not disposed properly, e-waste materials can be harmful to the environment. Fluorescent lighting, for example, can contain toxic mercury that is likely to contaminate waterways.
  3. If you’re dealing with commercial e-waste, look into government incentives for e-waste recycling. This could reduce your business’s waste disposal costs.
  4. Employees and patrons are more likely to support a business with eco-friendly credentials. It would do businesses good to pay more attention to social and environmental responsibilities.

Our team makes every effort to make waste disposal as social and environmentally responsible as possible. We provide non-renewable recycling options and safe e-waste disposal solutions for you.

Let us lift this one burden off your shoulders. Book online for services today.

Free Electronic Waste Pickup

We offer a free E-Waste pickup service provided the unwanted materials exceed 20 cubic yards, which is equivalent to just over 10 pick-up truck loads. Get in touch or book online and we will deliver a self service bin rental to your location or send a truck to pick up any unwanted e-waste.

As committed stewards of the environment we will work to ensure the maximum recycling or reuse of unwanted materials as well as responsible collection and disposal of hazardous materials.  

What type of e-waste do we pick-up?

Audio and video players Portable computers
A/Cs Power Supplies
Batteries Printing Devices
Cameras Printer Cartridges
Cellular Phones Radios
Circuit Boards Receivers
Computer Pripherals Speakers
Copiers Scanners
CPUs (Plastic, Ceramic) Telephones (physical and accessories)
Desktop Computers Televisions
DVD, Floppy/CD ROM Tuners
Equalizers/(pre)amplifiers Turntable
Hard Drives Typewriter
Laptops UPS Batteries
Microwaves Video players/projectors
Modems Video recorders
Monitors Wires
Memory Servers
PDAs and pagers Networking Equipment
Personal hand held computers

Junk It! will ensure that all your e-waste is destroyed and recycled in an eco-friendly way. A certificate of destruction or recycling is available upon request.

Contact a representative or book online for the responsible disposal and diversion of your electronic waste.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation or book online right now using our easy booking system.

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