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Junk Removal in Willowdale

Junk It recycles up to 60% of the materials we come into contact with. Not only is this a bonus for our ever-growing landfills, but it’s a bonus for you because we don’t charge you for them! Our experienced junk removal staff will sort through and recycle everything they can to ensure we create the least amount of waste and you pay the lowest you can.

Since 2002, Junk It has been Willowdale’s number one junk removal service. Because we’ve been serving this area for so long, we know exactly what residents of Willowdale expect out of their junk removal services– speed, professionalism, and efficiency. Our competitive pricing model offers pricing at 10% lower than all our competitors and you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal on the market, while also receiving the high quality service that we pride ourselves on. We are the best at taking the stress and hassle out of junk removal, which is why we offer same day service 7 days a week. Because we have multiple depots around the Greater Toronto Area, our operations have become streamlined and incredibly efficient.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Carpet removal
  • Furniture moving and disposal
  • Self-service dumpster rental
  • Post-renovation cleanup
  • Old appliance removal and disposal
  • Garbage bin rental
  • Recycling services and advice
  • Yard garbage removal and disposal
  • Construction site garbage removal
  • Eco-friendly disposal services
  • Safe electronics removal and recycling
  • And much, much more!

Junk It is available to help you deal with the headache of moving, basement junk removal, backyard clean up, office junk removal, renovation material clean up, garage junk removal and more. Home renovations are an exciting time for the family. Whether you’re moving, cleaning your old place out or building yourself something new, change is an important and welcome development to any home. The worst part about making a big mess is having to clean it up – and that’s where we come in! Junk It is designed to make your life easier so you can be free to focus on the important things. Go ahead, leave the junk to us!

Willowdale Junk Removal

With Junk It, you don’t have to search around for secret charges. You never pay for fuel charges or hidden fees, which is why our company is up to 15% cheaper than our competitors. When you hire our full service garbage removal services, you only pay for:

  • The type of materials you’re throwing away
  • The time to complete the work (which isn’t much, since we have an all-star staff that can take care of any problem in a couple of hours)
  • The space your items take up in our trucks

That’s it! You only pay for what you’re getting rid of, so the project can be as small or as large as you choose.

The Junk It full service junk removal plan is designed to take the stress, hassle, and heavy lifting out of junk removal. Just give us a call at 416-531-5865 OR 1-866-JUNK-IT-NOW or book online to get started. We know that you want to spend any free time you have doing things that matter the most to you, and junk removal is sure to be one of the last things on your list of things that you want to do. In that case, our full service option is perfect for you.

When you choose Junk It’s full service junk removal plan, a crew of our uniformed, friendly team will arrive at your doorstep at the time that works the best for you. The last thing we want to do is leave a mess in your home, because we know that we’re guests. That’s why we wear mandatory boot covers and use floor runners when necessary. We simply load up our trucks with your unwanted items and then do a complete sweep to make sure we didn’t miss anything, cleaning up any leftover debris along the way. Once we drive away with your unwanted items, we drop it off at a sorting station that is Ministry licensed and approved. Here, the items get processed for donation or recycling. As an eco-friendly organization. We recycle or donate up to 60% of all collected items as a way to protect the environment and to divert the amount of waste going into our landfills.

Willowdale Dumpster Rental

If you’re looking for an extremely affordable way to remove your junk, think about renting yourself a dumpster and doing all the heavy work yourself. We have four different sized bins (5, 10, 15, and 20 yards) so you can pick and choose to your own liking. This is a great plan for small load junk removal or for team work within the neighbourhood. Next time you have a community clean-up you know the right people to call!

Our dumpster bins are fit for projects of any size and will fit your every need. The Junk It dumpsters are specially designed with you in mind, with low walls and easy walk in access so you can say goodbye to lifting heavy objects over high walls. Furthermore, the bins are designed to protect your property, from its construction to installation, our team will make sure no damage is done to your driveway. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to remove your junk in Willowdale, look no further!

Simply tell us which dumpster size you’ll need and we’ll drop it off right at your door. If you don’t know your size requirement, tell us what you’re clearing out and we’ll offer advice based on our years of expertise and experience. From 5-cubic yards to 20-cubic yards and everything in between, the Junk It dumpster rentals will fit everyone’s needs and budgets. Fill up the bin with all your unwanted items and we’ll come by and haul it away once you’re finished. It’s really that easy!

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation or book online right now using our easy booking system.

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