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We all lead busy lives and finding the time to clean our house is a real pain. Most of us wait until the weekends to do one big, exhausting clean of the entire house, but what if there was a simpler way? Streamline your chores by cleaning as you go!

Instead of leaving everything until the last minute, slowly clean as you go. If you splash some sauce while cooking, clean it up. Soak the dishes in some soapy water before you sit down, and wipe down the counters. Throw everything in the dishwasher afterwards and give everything a quick wipe. By the time the weekend comes, your house won’t look like you had a party for 100.

As far as the washrooms go, no one enjoys cleaning the toilet and weekly build up is enough to make anyone feel sick. But by leaving disposable wipes within reach that you and even the kids can use to whip down areas can minimize the dreaded end of the week clean. For showers, spritz cleaner into it after every use to maintain it and keep it clean in between uses.

Cleaning as you go will help free your weekends for more fun activities like major clean ups that involve a junk removal services!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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