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Warehouses are used in many different industries. As a result, they usually contain an almost unlimited array of equipment, materials, and debris.

Performing a warehouse cleanout is one of the most difficult jobs you can do. Not only is the sheer size intimidating, the amount of space and the amount of objects that can be stored there is overwhelming. Depending on the type of warehouse, you’re faced with the task of removing and disposing of a large number of unwanted items. For the large majority, warehouses are huge spaces that store and house huge objects, not to mention smaller items that fill up the rest of the remaining space. When you need to undergo a large warehouse cleanout, many don’t know where to begin.

Getting in contact with a third-party organization to offer you their help and expertise should be one of the first things you do– not the last. You simply cannot undergo a warehouse cleanout on your own within a short period of time, but receiving the help of the experts who do this best and are well-versed in best practices can get the job done without causing you stress or hassle.

Warehouse Cleanout Services

Hazardous materials are often present, and must be taken care of according to standard regulations. Materials that can be recycled need to be transported to the proper facilities. Debris from manufacturing or construction can make warehouse junk removal a time-intensive and costly job without the right tools and manpower. Furthermore, it can be very dangerous to leave unwanted items and junk from your warehouse cleaning sitting around in public spaces when there are many people in the surrounding area. Junk It can provide a team of insured and licensed warehouse cleanout professionals to load our trucks, leading to painless experience at affordable rates.

Common warehouse items to throw out include:

  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Storage containers
  • Boxes
  • Palettes
  • Hazardous materials
  • File Cabinets
  • Tools

If your warehouse has become a giant heap of unwanted items, your organization and productivity decreases significantly. Afterall, an organized space is a productive space. When it’s time for a warehouse cleanout, you can count on Junk It to take the hassle and stress out of having to do it yourself. It doesn’t need to be a one-man job when you can rely on us to get the job done for you instead!

Take your first step to achieve a de-cluttered warehouse space with the help of Junk It. Contact us today by calling or book online to get your free estimate now!

The Junk It Process

Using a team of professional junk removal experts allows you to avoid the expense of a full warehouse cleanout. If you’re looking to clean a warehouse in order to sell or reuse it, you’ll have to coordinate equipment rental to remove the items, and figure out where it all needs to go. This includes the use of dumpsters, trucks, and moving equipment that can quickly add up your costs. Our team provides the one solution to meet all of your needs.

We develop a plan for your warehouse cleanout. We remove large items first, to allow for a more thorough removal. Once large materials are disposed of, we address smaller items that can often be the most difficult. Most warehouses are packed with tons of differently sized objects and items, making it difficult to maneuver for a cleanout crew. Business furniture and supplies make a cleanout especially difficult. These items must be sorted for reuse or disposal.

Junk It will help remove all kinds of debris and ensure the space is left neat and tidy. We will help you remove appliances such as freezers and refrigerators, or copiers and fax machines in addition to typical office machines. As long as the object can be moved and disconnected, we can help you haul it away.

As a Ministry approved organization, Junk It is dedicated to our active efforts towards making efforts to protect the environment. We will take any metal and take it to proper recycling facilities, including microwaves or other appliances. The life of unwanted furniture will be donated to our network of local charities, including Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity, or will be repurposed and recycled where appropriate. You won’t even need to lift a finger– we will do all the work for you and safely dispose or donate it as needed.

Using the Experts

Without a plan, you could be spending extra time as you try to tackle everything at once. Creating a comprehensive plan provides the efficiency you need to get it done quickly and at minimal cost. When you need the help of a few extra hands and expertly trained professionals in warehouse cleanouts, consider looking to the established team of professionals at Junk It. Whether you have only a single bulk item to remove, or many, we are properly equipped with reliable resources that you need to dispose of leftover trash and debris.

Most significantly, we make sure that your junk, debris, and other warehouse materials are handled properly. Many locations have regulations in place to control the removal of junk, and we’ll give you all the information you need to avoid any issues. Once you’re warehouse has been fully cleaned out, you’ll be able to sell it or refurbish it for whatever you need.

Junk It makes it easy to schedule your service whenever you need it, as we offer same-day service 7 days a week. For your convenience, we also offer late night service or during the weekends so that your business day is not disrupted. As a 6-time Homestars winner, you can trust our team of professionals to deliver expert warehouse cleanout services that is reliable, eco-friendly, and affordable. We have met and surpassed the expectations of business owners since we were established in 2002, and we are so eager to help you with your warehouse cleanout project.

Junk It is able to offer affordable warehouse cleanout services because our trucks are bigger than our competitors and can fit more items and debris in a single journey, saving you time and keeping more money in your pockets. We are so confident in our affordable and transparent pricing model that we offer price matching on our junk removal services. Contact us today by calling or book online to get your free estimate now!

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