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Appliance Removal Services

Trying to find the easiest way to get rid of your used, broken or simply unnecessary appliances? Junk It’s appliance removal service is exactly what you need. Depending on the style of appliances you have in your home, rental property or commercial space, it may be extremely challenging to remove these items on your own. Be it an old refrigerator that is far heavier than its newer counterparts, or a gas stove that has live attachments to the gas lines in your home, the removal of these items is not a single person job.

Rather than trying to handle the difficult task of appliance removal on your own, our team of professionals will do the hard work for you.

Our Appliance Removal & Pick Up Services

Our appliance pick-up and removal services provide you with the options you’re looking for when trying to remove these items from your house. Choose from having a full-service removal from our team, or renting a temporary dumpster to keep on your property as you do the removal yourself. Our team will take care of the pick-up and removal of many kinds of appliances, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Gas Ranges
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Washing Machines
  • Ducted Heating Systems
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • And much more!

Say goodbye to the hassle with Junk It!

Eco-Friendly Appliance Disposal
At Junk It, we care about keeping reusable material out of landfills. You can be confident that we dedicate time to sort through each and every junk removal job, such as old, broken, or unwanted appliances, to determine what can be recycled or donated. You can rest assured that Junk It is dedicated to the health of the environment when disposing of old appliances.

How can I recycle household appliances?
Fortunately, many household appliances can be recycled and reused for other purposes. Large appliances such as ovens, washing and drying machines, and refrigerators are typically broken down and used as scrap metal. The metal is then separated, recycled, and melted down for re-use in manufacturing purposes. Your local household recycling programs may not have the required equipment to handle the pickup of large items, so you will need to either transport them to a transfer station or recycling centre on your own.

Small household appliances such as cooking pans, microwaves, or toasters are made with recyclable metals and materials and can be recycled in your local blue bins for curb pickup. However, depending on your location and region, rules may vary. You may need to take them to a recycling facility yourself if you are recycling several small household appliances at the same time.

Why should I recycle old household appliances?
The production of new metals can be detrimental to the environment and is a very costly process. Because of this, any items that contain metal should be recycled. Small household appliances such as toasters and microwaves contain toxic materials that decompose when sitting in a landfill, releasing gases and a variety of toxins into the air we breathe and that contaminates our soil and water supply. While laws surrounding recycling vary depending on your location, it is always important to recycle old household appliances when you can.

At Junk It, we take the hassle out of recycling your old household appliances, whether they be small or large. We will help you get rid of any unwanted appliances by picking them up and working in partnership with local recycling facilities to ensure that they get recycled and disposed of responsibly.

How do I dispose of household appliances?
There are a variety of ways to dispose of your old or unwanted appliances. Consider the condition of the item before you simply throw it out. If it’s still working, many local charities will accept household appliances of any size, which are allocated to people who may not be able to afford brand-new items. This will ensure your appliance is being used for the entire duration of its lifetime.

Another option for household appliance disposal is to take them to local transfer stations or to a facility that recycles scrap metals. This option is a lot more labour-intensive and timely, as you will need the proper vehicles and equipment to pack, load, and drop off the items yourself. In this scenario, you can rely on Junk It to load, clean up, and dispose of your appliances safely, without having to lift a finger. We will pick your items up and ensure they end up in the right place, whether they are donated, recycled, or responsibly disposed of.

How do I dispose of old refrigerators?
If you want to dispose of your old or unwanted refrigerator, you will want to get in contact with a local charity first. Many will accept donations of working appliances of any size.

If you want to get rid of a broken refrigerator, you will need to recycle it. The first step in doing so is to research your local recycling facilities to determine where you can drop it off. If you can’t do this by yourself or simply don’t have the time to, Junk It takes the hassle out of it and will take care for it for you. We are equipped to handle any job and are the highest customer-rated junk removal experts in the Greater Toronto Area. We will make sure your appliance gets to the right place for recycling and proper disposal.

How do I dispose of old microwaves?
Microwaves are composed of several materials which include metal, glass, plastic, and various other electronic elements. When left to sit in a landfill, these substances have the potential to harm the environment by releasing toxins into the air and soil, which can contaminate our water supply. Because of this, we strongly recommend donating or recycling your unwanted microwaves instead of tossing them into the trash.

Donating your microwave, as long as it’s in working condition, is the best way to dispose of it. Many local charities will accept donations of appliances of any size, or you may know someone who can make use of it. If your microwave is broken, its components can be recycled after it has been broken down and separated.

If you need help with getting your microwave or other household appliance removed, Junk It offers simple and affordable junk removal for your convenience. We offer competitive pricing and you can rest assured that you will be paying at least 10% less than the prices charged by our competitors. We take the hassle out of junk removal to make it easy and convenient for you.

Junk It is dedicated to protecting the environment and plays an active role in diverting as much waste away from our landfills as we can. Because of this, we donate and recycle up to 60% of all junk pick-ups. Various charities we have worked with in the past include Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill.

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