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It’s always impressive to walk into someone’s home and notice how neat and tidy everything is. No bad smells, no dirty dishes, all articles of clothing are hung up or stored in a well organized fashion. It’s not that certain people are simply endowed with a cleanliness gene and others are consigned to a life of clutter and disorganization. Clean homes become that way because the owners have developed and followed through on good cleaning habits. Below are five habits of a good house cleaner.

Good House Cleaning Habits

Put clothes away

Clothing strewn about, even if it’s freshly laundered, still makes a mess. Clothing on the floor, or thrown haphazardly over a chair or couch does a lot to add to the disorganized feel of a room. Hanging or folding clothes that are not going to be immediately thrown into the hamper does wonders for the cleanliness of a room.

Don’t buy extras

There is only so much room in our homes. Having 2, 3, or 10 pairs of everything (clothing aside), whether they be eggbeaters, Christmas lights, decorations, welcome mats is a recipe for clutter and disorganization. People with clean homes usually do not own more than they can realistically use.

Do the dishes every night

This is one of the harder habits to form because it requires you to do something that, after the whole production of dinner or breakfast is said and done, you really don’t want to do. But part of forming good habits is getting over the initial resistance. If you make an effort to keep dishes and cutlery in the cupboards and drawers and out of the sink, the feeling of having a clean kitchen all day every day will more than make up for it.

Wipe down counters

Taking two minutes to run a sponge and a spritz of cleaner over your kitchen counters after every meal keeps grime, mildew and bacteria at bay. A clean sink and counter is the foundation of a clean kitchen.

Make your bed

A dishevelled looking bed ruins the organized look of a bedroom. Making the bed everyday takes very little effort and goes a long way to bringing together an organized room.

Getting into good cleaning habits takes time and the will to follow through on them. They may start out as an inconvenience, but, with some dedication, can become part of your routine and an integral part of your lifestyle. Organization is key to feeling comfortable and at ease in your home. Adopt the above 5 habits and have your home be the one friends and family think of when they think neat and tidy.

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