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Windows are exposed to the elements year round and as such tend to deteriorate, especially in a country like Canada where we experience all four seasons in a very noticeable way. People are constantly replacing the windows on their home and often the old ones simply get thrown out or left in a storage shed. But old windows can be very handy. Here are 5 ways to repurpose old windows.

Repurposing Old Windows

Picture frames

Old windows are picture frames just waiting for your photos. If they are already separated into frames, they can be used to make a collage of a family vacation, or a series of timelapse or sequential photos that can add a nice vintage, eclectic look to a room.

Make-shift chalkboard

Having a chalkboard around your house, especially near the front door or in the kitchen to write notes and reminders, is always a good idea. Why not use an old window frame that has been sitting in the garage collecting dust as a nice trim for a chalk or whiteboard.

Coffee table

Fill in the spaces between the partitions with glass and you’ve got yourself a brand new, funky, original coffee table.

Headboard for the bedroom

Simply take the frame, paint it to match the theme of the room, and throw some fun, patterned canvas into it and make the wall behind the bed come to life with a repurposed window frame that even the best interior designer will have a hard time guessing the original source.


An empty window frame could be a terrific way to frame a mirror for the bedroom or hallway. Placing wood in the bathroom may not be the best idea, as condensation from the bath or shower could quickly rot the wood (if the frame is wood), but a wood framed mirror can look both rustic and classy at the same time.

Repurposing old or discarded household items is not only a green thing to do, it’s a great way to ignite and hone your creativity. By thinking outside the box and trying to reimagine functions for bits and pieces of your home that have outlived their usefulness in their original capacity, you can recycle materials and features of your home into trendy, original, unique pieces. This not only extends the life of the item, but will save you money and allow you to add a more personal DIY touch to your space.

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