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Our apologies if this comes across as boastful. It is not intended to be so in any way. But in a service-led business such as ours customer say has a huge effect on everyone.

We have worked hard over 15 years to satisfy our customers. We have been fortunate to receive positive reviews and constructive feedback too. But when our customers leave such powerful reviews it impacts us deeply. These words can hardly capture it, but everyone at Junk It has felt such an enormous boost.

A response to our follow-up email

We send every customer an email asking them if their job was carried out timely, and if the experience was satisfactory. Very recently, we heard back from one of our customers after his bin had been removed. His response was in relation to this questionnaire and we are reproducing it for you unfiltered.

1 – Yes, the bin was placed where I had requested, and arrived on time.

2 – Yes, I would definitely use this service again.  The gentlemen on the phone was very helpful, applied a discount that I had asked for that was offered online, and was friendly and courteous.  In today’s world, brands are defined by the experience they provide (not the product or service they offer).  Junkit shows that great service drives loyalty, which then will drive retention and growth.  It’s the new paradigm and junkit already has it mastered.

– KT

A truly humbling response. Especially considering this is a paying customer and we are not digging around for compliments just feedback.

Our core service mission

Let’s be honest. Even with our best efforts and 99 of 100 customers being satisfied with our service, there will be at least one instance when we have let our customer down. Whether it is our failure to meet the expectations we set, circumstances conspiring against a smooth job or just not being able to mitigate deficiencies in service are, however rare, a reality. Make no mistake, such failure is a great teacher.

And that’s why customer recognition such as this is so important for us. It makes us want to do better. It energizes our entire operation. We are charged up to ensure that great value and service experience are assured for all our customers.

Bin rental is a very service-led business

Ours is a very customer-centric business. Dumpsters and garbage bins are purely utilitarian tools. If you wanted the hassle of finding, placing and removing a large dumpster then you would have done it yourself. If you are renting a dumpster from us, we understand you want convenience and seamless service.

We work on the knowledge that it’s the care we take that will make the difference in your experience. And that’s why you’ll want to work with us again. We don’t teach our employees and managers that the customer is always right. That’s doesn’t capture the spirit of what we want to offer. We don’t want us to react to customer’s demands.

No, we proactively make sure that every one of our customers receives the best service and care from start to finish. Objectively, we have to provide a good deal to customers.

From everyone at Junk It our sincerest thanks to KT for taking the time for the response. It has been a huge boost for everyone. Be rest assured we will only aim higher.


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