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Toys can easily clutter up a home, especially when you have a child or even several children in the home. It is important that you have adequate space for the toys so that when company comes over, you have enough space to find the toys a place. Trying to eliminate toy clutter doesn’t have to be difficult; you just have to think outside of the box.

Decluttering Toys

Step One

Purchase a toy box or large storage container. By purchasing a large toy box, all of the smaller toys can be thrown right into the box. The box can even pull double duty and act as bench seating. It is also the easiest way to teach your child how to pick up after themselves.

Step Two

Add storage drawers. Use clear plastic dressers for miscellaneous toys. Mark each drawer with what type of toy should be in it. For example, dedicate one drawer to Barbie clothes or Legos. Teach your child what toys belong in what drawers. You can even color code them if your child is too young to read.

Step Three

Come up with incentives for the child to clean. If your children have a reason to clean, they will be more inclined to help. You can start a gold star calendar and for every day the child picks up after themselves, you can add one gold star. If they achieve many gold stars by the end of the week, they could win ice cream, a toy, or anything else that will make them happy.

Step Four

Allow your child to play outside or somewhere other than just the playroom. Of course, children often take their toys all over the property, but by allowing them several areas to play, the toys will become less of a problem.

Step Five

Teach your children how to be responsible for their own mess. If you tell them that they can only play one activity at a time, and that they must clean up one mess before creating another, this will not only make it easier on them, but on you as well.

Teaching your children responsibility and having dedicated areas for certain toys such as blocks, legos, doll clothes, stuffed animals, and books will only keep the clutter down. The more storage areas in a child’s room, the better. Just teach them of where items are to go and they will certainly learn responsibility along the way.

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