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Garages can be a great space to organize all items related to your home or automobile. Unfortunately, most garages’ organization quickly get out of hand as homeowners continue to add items over time.

Great Garage Organization

This can create a cluttered, and the space that could be organized is ultimately impossible to use. If you need to make some space and organize your garage, take the following steps to make it easy! The result will be a garage that is fully functional and easy to access.

Prepare for the Cleanout

Although your main goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your garage junk removal, you do want to take some measures to prepare for the job.

Consider how long it might take and set aside the time where you will have the least interruptions. For many, this could mean setting aside an entire weekend or two.

Create an Empty Slate

Organization experts agree that the best way to begin a project is to remove everything out of the space. If you have furniture, tools, or other large items, it’s a good idea to set aside an area where you can gather everything.

Remove as many items as you can. This will give you an opportunity to give the garage a good cleaning before placing items in the space again. Don’t hesitate to give your walls a fresh coat of paint if you’d like! Doing it while everything is out of the way will prevent hassle down the road.

Collect Your Stuff

Another effective way to organize your garage is to gather like items into groups. Power tools, fishing gear, old artwork, and any other items should all be grouped in their respective categories.

This will give you an idea of exactly how many things need to be thrown out. You’ll see how many duplicates you have, and realize that most of the stuff is unnecessary to your daily life.

This will also help you in the reorganization process as you can quickly group things together for better efficiency.

Junk It!

As you’re cleaning out your items, immediately set aside the things that will be trashed or donated. If you’re not sure about some items, it’s okay to have a “maybe” pile! But be careful not to take advantage of it if you find it hard to get rid of stuff. If you haven’t used it in the past year and don’t have any plans to use it sometime soon, it’s time to go!

By getting rid of unused or non-functional items, you’ll feel so much better about your new space. Once you put those items that are valuable to you back in place, the garage will have more space for you to move around in and enjoy. This will help create more comfort and efficiency for your entire home.

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