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Keep sneezing when you are at home? Do your clothes come out smelling a little stale after a wash? The modern home is filled with conveniences. And because they run so reliably, we take them for granted. But just because they don’t break, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be changed.

If that were the case, would your car ever need an oil change?

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Yes, we agree too. Replace it instead.

It might sound a bit oblique to suggest replacing ‘functional’ items around the house. But, once you’ve read our blog, you’ll be wondering how you missed them.

At Junk It we are big believers in reusing and recycling. Reducing waste is a good thing – just not at the cost of your health.

In this post we look at six items around the home that need to be replaced regularly – no, we aren’t talking toothbrushes.

1. Home appliances

It is wise to make full use of your appliances. Cluttering up landfills with serviceable machinery is not particularly helpful. Here are some drawbacks of appliances that have been with you from the days of yore, and why you should replace them:

  • Electricity consumption – newer appliances consume less electricity
  • Safety risk – Corroded wiring and failure risk injury and property damage
  • Hygiene – Mould, bugs and critters will make your old ‘white goods’ their new homes

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2. Refrigerators

Anything interacting with food should not be kept for more than a few years. Fridges, in particular, are prone to accumulating food and grime in nooks and crannies you can’t even see. These will become breeding grounds and pose real risks of food contamination. What’s worse, you won’t see is how they are transferring on to you.

Worse still, as fridges wear out, the refrigerating gas can start to leak, flooding your kitchen with noxious fumes. Don’t let your fridge become a toxic watering hole for your family.

3. Carpets and mats

Everyone has smelt that stale smell carpets can start to give off after a few years. No matter how much you vacuum or clean them, carpets will collect dust and dirt. Inevitably, they will become welcoming homes for bugs too.

Moreover, as carpets fray, they become trip and fall risks. Whether it is you, your child or a visitor, it is simply inadvisable having such a risk of injury in your home.

A bathroom or kitchen mat should be replaced still more frequently as it can become a breeding ground for germs.

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4. Filters

Filters are present around the home. Their job: to protect us from contaminants and protect equipment from damage. As they become saturated, they can reduce efficiency, pose a health risk and even raise the risk of fire. Where you will find filters:

HVAC: Furnaces and air conditioners have filters to ensure dust, debris and insects are not blown into your home. There can be filters on inlets too.

Washing machines and dishwashers – These employ a number of water and soil filters. Make sure to replace them frequently, lest your clogged filter grinds your appliance to a halt.

Dryers – Especially with clothes dryers, filters will collect dry lint. A tear in the filter will cause this fibre to accumulate in the vent leading outside, posing a serious fire risk.

5. Fire extinguishers

First, if you don’t have one – what are you waiting for!

Most people buy the disposable type of fire extinguisher for their homes. Make no mistake, these have an expiry date. And even after sitting for a few years, they can lose a lot of pressure. Even the effectiveness of chemicals will reduce over time.

If you have tenants then you should make it a point to replace fire extinguishers for them very frequently. Be a responsible landlord and make sure you don’t risk someone’s safety with an expired extinguisher.

6. Mattresses

It may be essential for a good night’s sleep, but a mattress typically receives little attention. With time, these will sag and lose the support they used to provide.

Don’t wait until you start to wake up with a backache to replace your old mattress. Bad sleep will, of course, affect your mood. More than that, it will affect your posture too.

An old mattress can become a breeding ground for bed bugs. Again, your best efforts to clean it will be in vain. Better to replace it – and fast!

Junk It Helps You Stay Junk-Free

At Junk It we know that every time you do your spring cleaning a lot of junk will be found. That’s why our services are so flexible and our trash removal dumpsters so mobile. Homeowners love us because we are just so effortless to work with.

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