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You’ve just finished a few weeks of grueling exams, and now it’s time to move out of the dorms.
Organized Dorm Room

Over the school year, it’s easy to accumulate possessions but when it’s time to move, packing and storing all your things will take a little bit longer. Many students, especially international students will probably choose to throw out possessions instead of finding a place to store them.

We’ve provided some guidelines to help you quickly sort everything so you can finish packing and enjoy your summer holiday!

Sell Your Books

Many courses are taught year after year, and in some cases the professors will even use the same edition of a textbook the next time the course is offered.

This is a great way to make some money, so check your university’s bookstore, off-campus textbook stores, or online book stores where students from other schools are looking to buy your textbooks.

Textbooks are heavy and therefore a pain to move from one place to the next, and unless it’s a book that you’re going to be referring to in the future or one that you really like, remove some of the clutter from your room and save yourself the work of lugging old textbooks from place to place.

Memories are Lighter than Knick Knacks

It’s not uncommon for traditions to develop in a dorm, such as collecting bottle caps and or concert stubs. Other mementos of interesting adventures may include large items that make for an interesting story for your visitors, but these likely shouldn’t be brought back home with you.

Ask a friend to help when you’re packing your dorm. They won’t have the same emotional attachment to your items as you will, so getting rid of the junk will be easier for them.

You may be able to find someone else who’s spending the upcoming semester on campus and is willing to give your larger, useful items a new home, otherwise you should try and find the nearest dumpster.

Bring Lots of Garbage Bags

Throw out foods from the fridge or pantry, unless they’re non-perishable. Old take out boxes and other wrappers will take up lots of space, so you may want to break them down before throwing them out. Having a cutting knife will help with reducing waste. In order to reduce how much you’re throwing out, start a pile for recycling and donation.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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