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Here’s a great grassroots life hack to make free firewood from the crap we get in our mailboxes.

Junk mail is a fact of life. Although annoying, we would probably miss it if we didn’t get any at all.

The problem is, while recycling efforts pay off in the long run, it would be nice to put this stuff to some good use sometimes.

Here’s a great and easy life hack that lets you use junk mail and some simple tools: a couple of pails, a drill with an old saw blade, some water. The end result is fire fuel that will heat a small home for a long time. Here’s an awesome video that shows the whole process, so you’l know how to execute this DIY project yourself.

WARNING: Cooking food over junk mail is hazardous. Only use this technique as a heat source, and assume responsibility for your actions when dealing with fire.

This may actually make us excited to see that lump of useless paper in the mailbox!

Any time we can get free firewood, we jump at the opportunity. We have to go to work every day so why not do a little (very little in this case) work for ourselves?

This is a simple and straightforward way to make use of something that we all take for granted; not to mention take straight to the recycle bin.

With a little effort and brain power, we could start having these “logs” drying out in no time!

A few quick words of advice: there are many good cordless drills out there that have a lot of power. Any time you put a plugged-in drill and a pail of water together it could be dangerous.

Also, burning ads and paper that is heavily printed with colored chemicals is not good to cook over. Therefore we do not recommend cooking food over these junk mail logs.

But unlimited free firewood sounds pretty awesome to us! Make these paper bricks for use when firewood is tough to find, and you’ll be set for a cold winter.


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