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Street Shark action figures are a relic of cartoons and toys from the 1990’s. Much like other toys of that era, many are no longer appreciated by the new generation of technologically driven children.

Street Shark

For those who grew up in the 90’s, the Street Shark characters still have a special place in pop culture history. But are these figures still worth anything?

If you are questioning whether or not to throw out your old Street Shark action figures, the following will help you decide it they’re truly junk or not junk.

The Street Shark Brand

The backstory of the Street Sharks described them as a mutation of shark and man, whose purpose is to fight crime. They bore a striking resemblance to another popular franchise at the time, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The villains included Dr. Piranoid and his group of Seaviates. The television series lasted from 1994 until 1997. The Street Sharks were also included in the 1996 series titled “Dino Vengers featuring Street Sharks”, pairing the team with the Dino Vengers characters.

The Street Sharks series included a number of characters including Jab, Rox, Moby Lick, Ripster, and Repteel—among others. This led to a number of different action figures toys being put on the market.

The Value of Street Sharks

Although some action figures have been priced online at around $140 CAD, there’s much more that you have to consider before taking your action figures out of the junk removal pile and putting them up for sale.

The following are some tips to help you determine if your action figures have any remaining value:

Packaging – The value of any collectible item will be influenced by the condition of its packaging. Original packaging is ideal, and it should be free of any damage. If your action figure is still packaged, check that there are no tears or any other signs of wear.

Completeness–These action figures included additional accessories such as weapons, tools, or gear. A more valuable collectible will be a fully complete set. Even if your toy is in its original package, make sure that no accessories are missing.

Reissues – A common practice in the toy industry is to reissue an item at a later date. For avid collectors, original editions are more valuable. A bit of research should help you determine if any reissues were produced, and what features will define an original edition item.

Exposure – Action figures that are no longer in their original packaging will likely have been exposed to sunlight, moisture, and dust. Figures that are faded, warped, or mouldy will be of little value.

If you can’t figure out whether or not to throw out your Street Shark action figures, keep these tips in mind. Toys in their original package and that are free from damage or wear will always be more valuable, but even the most mint conditioned Street Sharks are still only pulling in about $50CAD on a good day.

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