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Most municipalities have regulations against throwing away trash from home renovations using regular garbage and recycling services provided by the city. There are usually also strict rules against dumping as well, meaning once you’ve started – if you don’t have a plan for where the waste will go – it will likely accumulate on the driveway or yard.

Junk Bins And Home Improvements

Among neighbourhoods that have strict HOAs, the housing board may take action to make you clear up the mess immediately, sometimes even involving law enforcement to maintain a minimum standard of appearance.

Some things aren’t DIY-able

There are clever ways that rely on a stick-to-it attitude to complete difficult or tricky tasks. Although some people do end up taking their oversized garbage to drop-off depots, it’s not very feasible even if you have the right vehicle for the job.

An open bed truck is probably the best choice, but even then, that would represent multiple trips to the depot, which of course will cost you each time. In the end, it may be more cost effective to just rent a junk bin which will be delivered to and from your home without hassle.

Just how much waste is generated?

Whenever you compare before and after pictures of home improvement projects, it’s hard to imagine all the things that need to go into the development. Installing new floors and walls involve removing large amounts of material, and of course, the larger the space, the more is thrown out. Consider the weight of all the materials that’s being delivered to your house, and that’s a good approximate for how much will find its way out.

What if my home improvement project doesn’t involve renovation?

It’s a fact that many of us have way too much stuff. Some of us even own multiple storage units which most renters won’t access very much during the rental period. Other times, the removal of clutter stops short because not knowing how you’re going to dispose of large items seems daunting. This is one of the biggest ways a junk bin can help! Whether you’re looking to throw out the unused couch in your basement or you’re trading up from baby furniture to toddler furnishings, having an all-in-one solution will let you complete your task without the hassle.

So what should I plan for when shopping for dumpster rentals?

A dumpster that’s too small means that you’ll have to arrange for an extra pickup, while an overly-sized container is wasted space. Talk to Junk It! today for a personalized solution to your needs!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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