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There is no doubt that Disney’s Frozen has been one of the biggest animated hits to come our way this decade. It is in good company with films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin when it comes to its catchy tunes, must have swag, and overwhelming costuming at Halloween.

Frozen DVD

There isn’t a little girl under ten who hasn’t seen the movie, sang ‘Let it go,’ and dreamed of being Elsa or Anna.

Like its animated counterparts, Disney released the movie on DVD shortly after the theatre release date for consumers to buy for a limited time. After that time expires, Disney locks it up in the “Disney Vault” and doesn’t continue selling the film until its secondary release, often a decade later for the next generation to wee ones to enjoy with fresh excitement.

The benefit of this for Disney is, of course, the heightened expectations and increased product sales for films.

The benefit for the public is fresh films for young kids, improved quality, and the suspense of new releases.

The cons are principally limited to the public as sale prices of ‘vaulted’ works run consumers’ far higher than originally marked. When purchasers are looking to Amazon and EBay for copies of their favourite animated films, they are likely to pay a premium.

With the knowledge of the Disney Vault, the question at hand is: Is there any value to purchasing a copy of Frozen now, and leaving it unopened for future use?

There are those that definitely say yes.

Marc Crosby at Money Magpie even features an article on how to ‘make money from the Disney vault’.

Stating that a small investment now (Frozen Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD Collector’s edition retails for $29.96 at Walmart currently) for a big payout later. Beauty and the Beast now retails on Amazon for $127.29 for the diamond collector’s edition!

In short, it is a small investment that may payout, it may not—but you’re not going to lose your house over it if this horse won’t race and it does in fact turn out to be junk!

If you are looking to make some money from buying the classic films, read all of Crosby’s article at the link listed below!


Disney Vault

Money Magpie: Make Money from the Disney Vault

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