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Kitchen waste can be used for beneficial purposes, believe it or not. If gardening is something you enjoy and have at home, there are many ways that kitchen waste can help improve the garden’s growth and appearance. For example, composting is a wonderful way to give your garden the nutrients it needs to continue growth.

Kitchen Waste For An Improved Garden

Paper Towel Rolls

By cutting down paper towel rolls to about an inch long, you can shove them in the soil and plant seeds inside of them. This adds more protections from slugs and other bugs that might try to eat the seedlings.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are enriched with nutrients, especially nitrogen which is wonderful for growing vegetables and other edible plants. It is also a rich brown and makes the garden look and smell beautiful. Just scatter the coffee grounds in new areas every time you use the coffee pot.

Hot Pepper Bug Repellent

By grinding up the seeds and other waste from hot peppers and mixing it with water, you can create a bug repellent. Since the spray is organic, it can be sprayed throughout the garden without any concern. The mixture keeps insects away and prevents them from eating your plants.


By taking the scraps of your vegetables, fruits, and other natural ingredients, you can create a wonderful compost full of nutrients for your garden. Even coffee grounds, tea bags, bread, egg shells, and other materials can be combined in the compost. Just add fresh material daily and make sure that the compost gets plenty of sunlight, moisture, and aeration.

Cardboard and Paper Mulch

Cardboard and paper without any ink can be shredded and used as an added protective layer in the garden. It is suggested that this shredded paper mulch be used underneath your organic mulch. The paper will help block weeds as well as lock in moisture. You can even keep the cardboard and paper in sheets to place on top of the garden then have it covered in mulch.

Citrus Fruits

By using the hollowed skins of a citrus, you can keep the slugs and snails away from your garden. Take the hollowed out halves and place them top down away from the garden. Slugs are attracted to the citrus and will leave the garden behind to congregate by the fruit instead. This will prevent them from eating what is growing in the garden.

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