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If you are looking to clean out the closet and ring in the New Year with a fresh start, there are many options you have when dealing with unwanted clothing.

Unwanted Clothes

Here are our favourite options for rehoming last years’ skinny jeans and boyfriend cardigans:

1. Have a clothing swap

Get some friends together and lay out your gently used clothing, shoes, accessories, and other wearable items. What’s old news to you may become your sister’s or best friend’s new favourite fashion item.

2. Throw them out

If the items are ratty and unwearable, or are of the unmentionables category—don’t hold on to them to pass them on. If you’re looking to do a big clean, call a junk removal company and rent a bin so you can clean out your house while you’re cleaning out your closet.

3. Repurpose them

Turn old sweatshirts and pants into cleaning rags; make vintage tees into funky pillow cases, and a collection of fabric swatches into a quilt.

4. Donate them

Charitable organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association collect your gently used clothing right from your own home. You can schedule a pick up using their online form and a Clothesline representative will call you to arrange collection.

They also offer incentives for donation by entering your name into a prize giveaway for travel vouchers or a dream vacation.

5. Drop them off

Canada has a variety of locations where previously loved items can be dropped off for redistribution.

For donation drop offs in your area, check out Donation Boxes Canada online.

The clothing and proceeds collects from any thrift shop resale go to support Big Brothers & Big Sisters, United Way, Second Harvest, Boys & Girls Club, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Canadian Diabetes Association. Many of these individual organizations will accept donations onsite as well. Contact your local branch to find out more details.

6. Find a Shelter

Shelters are always accepting donations of clothing, shoes, toys, and food. Contact shelters in your area to find out what they are in need of and how to arrange a drop off.

7. Have a yard sale

You may want to wait for warmer weather to host a garage or yard sale, but it can be a great way to get rid of some unwanted items while making a few extra bucks. Join up with neighbours, blast some tunes, and throw some treats on the barbecue for a great summer day.

8. Check out Christmas Drives

Many additional locations will be collection clothing, especially warm winter coats, boots, and outwear during the holiday season. It may be shopping malls, community businesses or otherwise who set up drop off boxes. Give back to your community while de-cluttering your own home!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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