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Winter Moving TipsMoving is difficult at any time of the year, but moving during the winter is even worse. It’s cold and snowy and the roads are icy and difficult to drive on. It gets dark very early and the cold wind will make you want to stay inside under a blanket.

Here are a few tips that will help you move in the cold:

Dress warmly

◦       You’ll likely be spending a lot of your time carrying items from the house to the car and you will probably leave the doors to your house open in order to make moving easier. If you don’t dress warmly you will have a miserable time.

Cover carpets and flooring to avoid tracking dirty snow and water inside

◦       When you’re bringing items from your house to your car or from your car to your house, you likely won’t be stopping to take off and put on your shoes each time. Protect your home by covering the floors.

Be careful with anything that can freeze

◦       This includes plants and any liquids you may be moving. Don’t leave these items in the cold very long as you could seriously damage them.

Junk It can definitely help you with your winter move. Rather than taking another cold trip outside and lugging your belongings to the dump, let Junk It do it for you!  We have a team of experience junk removal staff ready to empty your home of junk!

It doesn’t matter how cold it is, just give Junk It a call and we’ll arrange to be at your home to throw away your garbage. Our full service junk removal option is affordable, reliable and easy. You don’t have to do anything but contact us! We’ll take care of the rest. Junk It recycles 60% of the materials we pick up, so you don’t have to worry about your goods taking up space in a landfill.

When you’re moving in the winter you want to spend as little time outside as you can. Let Junk It help! Contact us today.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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