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Turntables can look like a thing of the past. If it weren’t for DJ’s and audiophiles, the turntable would have likely disappeared a long time ago. Many people have old turntables at home that go unused. You might wonder if your old turntable is worth hanging onto.

Old Turntable

This depends on what you’re looking for. Old turntables were built differently than modern ones. As a result, their characteristics will dictate their performance, as well as whether it stays in your home or gets tossed in the junk pile.

Out With the Old?

You might want to pause for a moment before throwing out your dad’s old turntable. Junk removal companies in Toronto come across turntables and cassette players on a regular basis. Although some may be junk, others are quite valuable.

Old turntables are considered to be superior in sound quality when compared to newer models. This results from the quality of craftsmanship that existed in the 60’s and 70’s. Vinyl records were the primary way people enjoyed music. So manufacturers invested in building high-quality turntables for enthusiasts.

Old turntables show up frequently on eBay, as a large group of vinyl fans are constantly searching for high-quality, hard-to-find turntables. This has kept them in demand over the years.

New Turntables

As technology evolved, so did turntables. There are a number of high-end (and highly regarded) turntables on the market today. Audiophiles believe there is a distinct difference in sound between the newer turntables and older models.

It’s believed that today’s turntables lack the warmth of their predecessors. This is a subjective observation, but one that should be considered if you’ve got your hands on a turntable that still works. It could be valuable to those who prefer the sound of an old turntable.

Comparing Old and New Turntables

The biggest factor in determining whether your old turntable is junk is the maintenance required to restore its performance. Turntables can be very complicated devices when it comes to repair.

New turntables are more convenient, as their parts are easily accessible for replacement. This makes them a good investment for those who are newcomers to the world of vinyl.

Your old turntable will likely require a bit more time and effort to restore. Some older turntables used grease that becomes hard to remove over time. A repair specialist is often necessary to help bring old turntables back to life.

Older turntables have regained popularity, as many prefer the warmer sound they offer. Newer models can be easier to maintain, while older models require a bit more care to bring them back to working order.

If your old turntable is not in working order, it may not be worth hanging on to, unless you’re willing to take the time and effort to restore it. Otherwise, it might be better off in the junk pile.

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