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Your office space is designed to help reflect the successful approach you take within your business. When there’s clutter in the area, the disorganization can prevent you from completing your best work and reduce the professionalism of your business.

Office Cleaning Checklist

The only way to remove this clutter is to begin a comprehensive cleaning project, and the first element of this project is to create a checklist that will act as a guide. In this blog, we’ll provide a comprehensive office cleaning checklist that any business can use!

  • Organize Loose Papers
  • A significant challenge during any office cleaning project is the amount of paperwork you’ll have to review. It’s important to organize all loose papers and create separate areas for papers you wish to keep and papers you will discard.

  • Dust Electronics
  • Your electronic equipment is critical to the success of your business. It’s important you keep it in optimal condition over the long-term. To ensure that dust and other airborne contaminants don’t impact your computer areas, use a dust-remover to clear areas on keyboards and around computer vents and fans. Be careful to only use recommended cleaning products around your electronics.

  • Clear Desk Space
  • As part of your comprehensive cleaning checklist, cleaning your desk space is essential because it will help clear your mind as you work. Remove items that have long since served their purpose.

    Items like pens, staplers, and USB flash drives should each have their own separate space close to your desk.

  • Test Those Old Pens
  • We all have home office spaces filled with countless pens that have long since ran out of ink. Use a portion of your office cleaning time to test all the pens in your drawers. By only keeping the useable pens, you’ll now have a reliable writing implement for taking down that important client message.

  • Carefully Clean Flooring
  • Floor cleaning can be difficult when you’re negotiating the small spaces at the back of desks and around computer wires and cables. It’s important to unplug all electronics during the office floor cleaning process. Then use a portable vacuum cleaner to get underneath desks and in those tight corner crevices to clear dust and other fragments from the floor area.

This office cleaning checklist includes many of the elements of a comprehensive office cleaning plan. Consider your future office needs and analyze which elements of the space will prevent you from achieving your objectives. You’ll then be able to move forward with a refined strategy during your cleaning project!

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