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Commercial Services

For over a decade Junk It! has been providing companies and professionals with quick, efficient and affordable large scale waste removal services. Whether it be huge office cleanups at large corporations or regularly scheduled garbage pickup for property managers we offer professional services for any commercial need. We worry about it so you don’t have to.

Simply give us a call or contact us online and let us know what you need. A professional estimator will be on site within a day to give you a free, no obligation estimate. A detailed proposal will be submitted for your approval then we get to work getting rid of all your commercial waste and junk. We offer commercial credit, easy billing practices, and net 30 day terms for qualified companies.


Restoration, Construction and General Contractors:
We’ll dispose of your construction debris in a stress free manner. We offer recycling solutions for wood, metal, and materials many waste disposal companies neglect. Use our dumpster service to dispose of or recycle your garbage on your schedule, or choose our convenient Full Service option and have us load, haul, and clean up the site for you.

Movie, Advertising and Television Production:
We know that trash disposal can be a huge hassle when filming, especially when so many garbage removal companies aren’t reliable enough to accommodate tight timelines. We offer reliable, affordable garbage pickup and trash disposal that will give you one less thing to worry about after you wrap – and we have the track record to back us up.

Property and Facility Managers:
Tenants often leave property managers with tons of junk to dispose of. This could keep that unit off the market for much longer than necessary and impact your facility’s bottom line. We’ll come to the rescue quickly with junk pickup that gets your property ready for a new tenant. We also offer scheduled trash disposal and dumpster service for your property’s regular garbage pickup needs.

Real Estate Agents:
According to a Home Gain survey of 2,000 real estate agents, you can improve the price of a home by $2,100-$2,400 with a simple $300 investment to de-clutter that home. Our junk pickup ensures that the house looks ready for sale and fetches a higher price which is great for you and your client. General

We offer regular scheduled garbage pickup as well as one-time dumpster service for renovations, factory closings, or any other junk pickup requirements you have. From local small business to multinational corporations, we have a package and a price that will fit your trash disposal needs perfectly.


Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation or book online right now using our easy booking system.

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