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There are a wide variety of reasons why people open their phone and Google search for a ‘dumpster rental near me” or “dumpster bin rental near me” You could be doing a home renovation project that requires pulling out a kitchen or bathroom. Or maybe you’re downsizing to a smaller property because the kids have grown up and moved out.

In other cases, you could need to hire a large bin to deal with a hoarding problem that’s grown out of control. Even a house move can inspire homeowners to discover a huge amount of stuff they don’t want to drag to their new place.

For businesses doing office clean-outs or warehouse clean-outs, junk can be even more extreme, with items like unused furniture and other materials building up.

Whatever it might be, sometimes we generate so much waste that it becomes impossible to get rid of it through our regular waste service.

There are lots of options out there for consumers looking to hire a dumpster service. Some waste removal companies offer their services nationally and globally. But they are not always the best option for consumers.

Now, you might ask yourself, what are the advantages of hiring a dumpster rental near me? In the article below, we’ll take you through the benefits of hiring a local waste bin or garbage dumpster.

Dumpster Rental Prices Near Me?

You may be wondering if prices vary by area. Prices can vary widely based on disposal fees, fuel costs and local market conditions. The best way to find pricing for dumpster rentals is to first conduct a Google search. Make sure you check local reviews.

Contact the company you are interested in and find out pricing information. Make sure you ask about fuel surcharges and get a detailed breakdown regarding the price. Try to select a flat rate bin to avoid surprise bills after the dumpster is picked up. Look up dumpster rentals prices by entering your address.

Why You Should Use Local Services

While the scope of this article is about hiring local waste bins or dumpsters, there are lots of benefits to using local services more broadly. This movement towards using purchasing power to make more ethical and sustainable choices is prevalent in the food industry.

Buying locally sourced meats or vegetables has become popular because it has advantages for the local economy and the environment. And the same principles apply to local companies too.

As our communities have dealt with the devastating blows from COVID-19 in recent times, the need to support local businesses has become even more significant. It can be something as small as supporting your local cafe, bar, or restaurant. Or perhaps you can make a difference by supporting your local arts and music scene. However, if you choose to make an impact, selecting local services or products is worth advocating.

Of course, supporting local businesses has a range of plus points that aren’t just good for the community but can also help you.

Here are a few great reasons for supporting local businesses and services.

1) It Strengthens Your Local Economy

Local businesses and services are the backbones of the economy. These moms and pops stores, bars and restaurants, plumbers and electricians, and even dumpster services all come together to make up the local economy.

But what you might not have considered is the extra impact that happens when you shop locally. Using a big chain or corporation does have its advantages; however, using local services is better for your local economy.

Research shows that $10 spent at a local independent shop or service can mean an additional $50 is reinvested in the community. This happens because the local shops you spend your money with will go back into the community and recirculate this $10 on other local goods or services.

Instead of money being siphoned out of the community to pay out shareholders around the country or abroad, using local services helps to fortify the local economy.

2) It Creates Jobs

Using local businesses or services means that you can positively impact the health of your local economy. One of the best outcomes of this is increased job creation. Instead of waiting for your local government to attract jobs and industry to your area, you can boost local employment levels by doing your part.

Often, local employers pay better wages and provide better working conditions. Helping to grow the number of jobs in your area means it becomes a nicer place to live and work. A thriving local economy means more options for local families.

3) A More Personal Service

Corporate chains and outlets are big on customer service. But often, something is missing — and that’s the personal touch of a local service provider that knows everyone in the area. In some ways, this idea seems old-fashioned or quaint, but there are lots to be said for a service that’s about more than just a transaction.

Local independent stores generally operate differently from large corporations or chains. They tend to build long-term relationships and fit their service around your preferences. For example, a local shop will tailor their stock around their customer’s needs rather than items trending across the country.

4) A Better Environment

Shopping locally can be great for the environment. We’ve all become more conscious of our impact on the planet, and one way to reduce air miles and transport are to make better local choices.

Locally owned or independent businesses often source local products themselves. The big plus with this approach is that it requires far less transportation and outsourcing. Buying vegetables at a chain usually means that they are picked and transported to the packaging centre and then hauled again to shops. All these miles add up and contribute to a negative effect on the atmosphere.

It’s the same with the choice of using a dumpster rental near me vs a national or global chain. Often these national or multinational companies will send waste bins from far out of town. Over the course of a year, that means more pollution, whereas a local supplier only has to drive a short distance.

Additionally, local businesses generally take up less land. They are located closer to residents, which means less traffic, and therefore fewer pollutants. When all of these factors are combined, this means less congestion and reduced habitat loss, making for a better future for your children and grandchildren.

Why People Choose a Junk Removal Service

dumpster rental bins

There are a lot of advantages to hiring locally, as we’ve explained above. However, the benefits go beyond the economy and the environment when it comes to dumpster services because the service itself is better.

Let’s look at the reasons why some customers search for a “dumpster rental near me.”

Quicker Service

One of the primary benefits of looking for a “dumpster rental near me” is that they generally provide a faster, more efficient service. Most of the bigger waste removal services have large client books. While they also have lots of staff, trucks, and bins, they can be stretched thin across their operation. Additionally, because they serve large areas, the logistics required to haul bins from one place to another can cause extra delays.

Moreover, the bulk of global and national dumpster companies serve large businesses. These contracts make up a significant revenue stream for these companies — often at the cost of smaller clients. So instead of getting put on a long list that a national dumpster company will get around to eventually, choose a dumpster rental near me.

If you have a renovation or waste removal job on a deadline, every second counts. Waiting for a dumpster bin to arrive while waste builds up outside your house or business is far from ideal.

Local dumpster services can provide a far quicker and more personal service. They have more time to work with you to find and recommend a suitable service for your specific needs.

Additionally, Junk It offers same-day service for Toronto residents. Compared to large corporate dumpster services, local dumpster firms with more manageable client bases can prioritize their clients. And because they are located in similar areas to their clients, they can reach them quickly.

Local Junk Removal Services are Often Cheaper

You may be wondering about local pricing when you search for dumpster rental prices near me.  This is another great reason to choose a dumpster rental near me is that you can save money. National chains tend to be more expensive because you’ll have to fork out for delivery fees and local service area charges. Remember, these extra fees are on top of your dumpster rental costs and are basically a penalty for them being far away from you. Additionally, many national services also have exorbitant disposal fees.

However, a local dumpster rental company will typically cost you less because they operate nearby. Their locations mean they’ll have lower expenses for getting to you and can pass these savings down. JunkIt uses a transparent pricing model, which means no hidden charges.

Local Companies Understand Local Regulations

Local waste removal companies are experts in the rules and regulations that govern trash disposal. These rules can vary between different areas, causing confusion for people renting a dumpster for the first time.

Calling up a national chain to enquire about what you can or can’t do when renting a dumpster on your property in a specific area can be frustrating. For example, some areas, like Toronto, require permits if the bin is placed on the sidewalk or outside your house. Many large national chains don’t have local knowledge, which can lead to a few nasty surprises.

Local dumpster rental businesses’ deep understanding of local regulations makes calling up and enquiring about a service far easier. Whether it’s for a home or a business, your local service supplier can talk you through the particulars of your area.

Additionally, your local dumpster company can advise you if you’re unsure about what’s allowed in a dumpster. Hazardous materials, car batteries, wet paint and so on are not permitted in a dumpster. However, if you have items that need to be disposed of separately, a local dumpster service will be able to recommend a few suitable places.

Are Dumpster Rental Near Me Services Easy to Hire?

Another benefit of going down the dumpster rental near me route is that because they work in the area, you can efficiently do your due diligence. You can visit their depots to have a quick look at the equipment and dumpsters that they use. Additionally, you can find out more about their waste disposal process to ensure you are using an environmentally sound supplier.

Also, if they’ve been operating in the area for several years, you can ask friends and family who have used the service. Online reviews are obviously helpful, but many big national companies have the power to delete or scrub negative comments. Besides, the word of people you know, or trust is valuable. They’ll be able to go into far more detail about local dumpster services.

Finally, if you want to dig even deeper, you can make a call to the dumpster company to find out about their service and ensure they are fully licensed to operate in your area. 

Support Your Local Community

As outlined above, supporting businesses and enterprises in your local area is important. Large multinational or national companies use your money to service expansion loans, make payouts to shareholders, and often pay their staff poorly.

Whereas local dumpster services will keep money in the area, allowing it to circulate. This means that it can be used at other local businesses, helping to provide stable employment. Everyone knows how vital job creation and retention are in an area. It helps support the families that make up and build a community, bringing pride and prosperity to towns and neighbourhoods.


Hiring a dumpster rental or waste bin should be one of the easiest parts of your renovation, home move, or office clean-out. However, to ensure things run as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to get a service you can trust that is knowledgeable about local rules and regulations.

Always check with local bylaws to ensure that you are allowed to rent a dumpster in your area.

Larger national or multinational companies typically lack the personal touch and local knowledge of local dumpster rental companies. For a more efficient service that has less impact on the environment, next time you need waste removed from your premises, search for a junk removal service near me.

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