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The new trend in upcycling is helping thousands of people to reduce the amount of household waste they accumulate. Food waste is one of the more common types of waste in the modern home, as families waste large portions of their daily meals by simply throwing them in the trash. There are many options for upcycling your food waste, and in this article we’ll highlight three leading tips.

Upcycling Food Waste

  1. Save Vegetable Scraps to Make Stock
  2. The ends of carrots and celery, and the skins of potatoes are often thrown in the trash during meal preparation. But by preserving these products, you can create a tasty treat for later.

    Place products such as potato, onion and garlic skins, as well as the ends of carrots and celery into a bag. Then place the bag in the freezer ready for your next meal time. The next day, you can then use the stock to make a delicious and healthy soup for the family.

  3. Use Vegetable Peel, Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves for Fertilizer
  4. Composting food is a great way to transform waste into a nutrient rich fertilizer for garden plants around the home.

    There are many products that are quick to break down in the home environment, to provide nitrogen and moisture to home plants. Many homeowners, for example, are now using old coffee grounds, vegetable peel and tea leaves for fertilizer around their home. These items can be harnessed to achieve optimal plant growth.

  5. Clean the Home with Vinegar and Orange Peels
  6. Your home orange peel could be used to make a fresh scent for a cleaning liquid with the addition of vinegar. To begin this process, simply place the orange peel in a jar with a small amount of sugar, and then place water over the top. Stir the mixture several times per day to ferment the ingredients. On the 10th day, you can then strain the peel from the liquid. You’ll then have the ideal cleaning product for your kitchen and bathroom spaces. The mixture should provide exceptional cleaning performance at no cost!

There are numerous benefits to upcycling your food waste! By understanding the ways to use food waste throughout your home, you can play a role in protecting the environment while reducing your cooking and cleaning bills! To learn more, contact our trusted experts directly.

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