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Electronics tend to become obsolete extremely quickly. New products are replaced by superior versions in short interval,s and this can often mean that homeowners are left with large amounts of e-waste around their home.

Repurposing E-Waste

To help combat this problem, this post will highlight four tips for repurposing e-waste around your home.

  1. Turn a Broken Coffee Pot Into a Fish Bowl
  2. An electronic coffee maker often comes with a large carafe in which to boil the water and make drinks. Homeowners that have found their coffee pot no longer helps create that perfect tasting cup can simply repurpose the product. One option is to turn the coffee pot into a fish bowl and then use the bowl to house the family fish! This can be a fun addition to the family kitchen space and can provide a large area for the fish to enjoy.

  3. Use an Old Computer Casing as an Interesting Mailbox
  4. Those older bulky desktop PCs are quickly going out of fashion as homeowners prefer mobile options as well as slimmer, sleeker laptops. But the old PC can still serve a purpose. Why not use the casing for the computer as a mail box for the home? The average PC casing is the ideal size in which to store mail and the disk drive can be removed to provide a space in which the mail man can place letters.

  5. Use Disused Phones for Emergency-Only Calling
  6. For those with young children who are too young to own their own mobile phone, older disused mobiles can be highly effective for maintaining safety. All mobile phones in Canada must be able to connect to emergency services, even if they are no longer under contract with a service provider. This means families can provide their young ones with an emergency cell phone for use in potentially dangerous scenarios when parents aren’t around.

  7. Use Old Videos as Book Ends
  8. The VCR’s day has long since has gone. But that doesn’t mean video cassettes can’t be used in the modern home. Many homeowners are now using video cassette cases as colourful book-ends on shelving. It’s an addition that can add design style to any living room area.

Old electronic products are taking up space in landfills across the country. Do your part in protecting the environment by using the ideas in this post to repurpose your e-waste! To learn more, speak with our expert team today!

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