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Ready to change up some living space? Here’s a handy list to make sure everything goes smoothly during your redecoration!

Home Redecoration Tips

  1. Make Space
  2. Most people don’t have the proper space in their home for a convenient remodel.

    When we remodel, we need to shift all the furniture and clutter into other rooms. This can quickly lead to Hoarders-style mountains of belongings in our remaining living space.

    It’s time to figure out what to store, and what to junk!

    This leads us to step 2:

  3. Decide What Will and Won’t Work with the New Room
  4. You should put a lot of thought into the new color scheme, appliances, and desired “feel” of the room. There is no point paying to put something into storage if you’re just going to throw it out later. Use a color wheel and read design blogs to make sure that your old couches or cupboards will work with the new scheme.

    Additionally, you have to be realistic about the quality and remaining lifespan of items. If a couch, table, or chairs already look worn, they will need to be replaced in the near future regardless. Why not replace them during the remodel with furniture that perfectly complements the new décor?

    Whether our furniture is mismatched or just old, it might be time to get rid of it! Both full-service and self-service junk removal options are available to remove the offending pieces.

  5. Round Up Other Junk
  6. Why not take the opportunity of large junk removal to fully de-clutter the house? Everyone has those little piles of e-waste, those never-used side tables, those aging papers, etc. The whole family can move room by room, bagging whatever isn’t needed.

    Not only will removing junk in bulk save money, but also it will increase the space available in the house.

    This makes it easier to deal with the limitations on living space caused by major redecorating projects, and it will make the whole house feel better once the redecoration is finished!

    Finally, it will prevent clutter from overflowing from the rest of the house back into the redecorated area.

  7. Write Down Lessons Learned
  8. Every piece of clutter removed teaches a lesson. Why was that clutter still in the house? Was it forgotten, or just allowed? What pieces of furniture were most likely to end up in the junk pile? How can the family make sure that clutter doesn’t affect the newly remodeled rooms?

    Writing down all the lessons can help keep your new home’s decorations scheme from being drowned in clutter in the future!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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