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No one looks forward to the dreaded task of cleaning out your garage. Its best to do seasonally so the task isn’t too overwhelming and you keep on top of any troubles with weather or pests getting through and wreaking havoc.

Garage Cleaning

With the cold weather and flurries quickly approaching, preparing your garage for vehicle storage along with easy access to salt and shovels is a must.

Here are five quick tips on how to clean out your garage!

• Sort it out

Pick a favourable day- in terms of both weather and ample time- to complete the task, and start the project by sorting through what you have.

Lay everything out on the driveway in separate piles categorized with sidewalk chalk into: Save it, Store it, Junk it, and Donate it.

The save and store piles need to be organized into what is going back into the garage, what can be stored in a more appropriate place such as the shed or basement, and what you want to box up and take off site to a storage locker.

Anything going into donation piles need to be assessed for quality. If they are still in good working order, find out what charitable organizations will take what. If you need to junk it, call us! We arrange for junk removal and dumpster drop offs for larger items.

• Organize it

The worst thing you can do once you have cleaned out a big space is to throw everything back in without a game plan.

The best approach is to make a trip to your local storage solutions store and purchase sealable, weather proof containers to contain items. There are multiple shapes and sizes to help address tools, car accessories, cleaning products and other items found around the garage.

• Purchase necessary shelving and/or chests

This will help with items that can be stored along the wall, tucked in drawers, or organized in footlockers. Having a home for everything helps to keep you organized as where you have taken it from, it simply should be returned to.

• Take back the empties

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? So do it! Make time to pack up those cans and bottles and make a run to your local beer store. Getting rid of stagnant beverage containers will help save space, reduce bugs, and make you a few dollars.

• Clean it out

When you have got the space emptied out, take the opportunity to physically clean it out. Sweep dirt, dust cobwebs, wipe down surfaces, and set mouse or ant traps up where necessary.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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