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Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of recycling, which, over time, has resulted in a decrease of items being sent to the landfill. However, although our recycling efforts have increased, it may come to a surprise that some items that we thought could only be thrown in the trash, can actually be recycled via a recycling center near you.

Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle

Today, recycling extends beyond the traditional recyclable materials of glass, metal, paper and plastic. In fact, nearly everything can be recycled, and some recycling centers may even offer you cash for these items! Here is a list of some items that no longer need to be thrown in the trash.

    • Ziplock and/or Sandwich Bags.

Although these items cannot be placed in the blue bin, that doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled. Simply recycle them at any grocery store that accepts plastic shopping bags and they’ll have them sent to the proper locations to clean, melt down, and reuse the materials.

    • Medication.

A lot of times, medicine that can no longer be used is either disposed of in the toilet where it can end up in the water supply, or in the garbage. However, many provinces offer take-back programs that provide safe ways to dispose of unused and expired medication.

    • Mobile Phones and Computers.

Canada offers a free recycling program (Recycle My Cell) for mobile devices and accessories. Simply locate the nearest drop-off location, or use their free mail-back system. There are also a multitude of ways to recycle old computers or laptops, including the manufacturer’s own recycling program or a recycling center, to name but a few.

    • CDs, DVDs, Video Tapes, Batteries & Ink/Toner Cartridges.

Simply take these items to a recycling center near you.

    • Holiday Lights.

Most recycling facilities will accept your holiday lights.

    • Small Electrical Appliances (Coffee Machines or Hair Dryers).

Visit a recycling center near you to dispose of these items.

    • Mattresses.

Junk It! will easily dispose of your mattress in a safe manner for you.

    • Carpet.

This currently takes up 4 percent of landfill waste and takes more than 50 years to decompose. Our team at Junk It! will remove your carpet for you.

    • Drywall and Concrete.

Most waste management facilities across Canada will accept drywall as long as both screws and nails are removed first. They will also accept concrete.

Make a positive contribution to Canada’s waste management by recycling everything you can, making the world a much greener place! Contact our team at Junk It to help you dispose of these items quickly and hassle-free.

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