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Creating DIY projects that appear old fashioned is something that has grown in popularity. Many people like the old-fashioned vintage look especially when it comes to creating home décor. There are many different vintage DIY projects that you can try out this summer if you are trying to give your home a more classic, cozy appearance.

DIY Projects For Summer

  1. Pallets Shelving- Paint or stain pallet wood and use it on the wall as shelving. Keep black and white photos, herb jars, or other objects on the shelves.
  2. Lace Picture Frames- Lace and doilies often add a vintage and country cottage feel to anything. Add lace or similar material to picture frames to give them a vintage spin.
  3. Bench Seating- Use an old crib to create a one of a kind bench for the patio or sunroom. Take down the sides of the crib and cover the mattress in a simple sheet. Add pillows and other items to create a vintage style bench for seating guests.
  4. Plant Stands- Use old wooden spindles, bed springs, and other rustic or refurbished items to create plants stands. Nearly anything can be used for this, as long as a bottom ad top base is created for stability and the ability to hold a potted plant.
  5. Basket Shelving- Use old baskets as wall hangings rather than baskets found on shelves and the floor. By hanging a basket sideways on the wall with its opening facing forward, you have created a unique vintage shelving unit for pictures, towels, or anything else you would like to put in the showpiece.
  6. Pallet Wood Seating- Create a couch or seating area by stacking pallet wood on top of each other and side by side. Screw the pallet wood into the size you would like. When finished, you can paint or stain the wood. Throw on seat cushions and pillows and you will have simple and cheap vintage style storage seats.
  7. Refurbish Furniture- Repurpose furniture that is being junked or can be found at garage sales. You can create a vintage feel by painting furniture white and then slightly sanding it to make it look like an antique wash.
  8. Wine Dresser- Old dressers are one of the easiest things to find at garage sales during the summer. Take out all of the drawers or at least the ones below the first set of drawers, and create slats with half circles cut out of them. These half circle cut outs will be where the wine bottle’s neck rests. These slats should be fastened to the front of the dresser by each shelf.
  9. Decoupage- Decoupage is a great way to add a vintage look to anything. Furniture and other solid materials can be covered in decoupage. Use old magazines, newspapers, maps, and postcards to create a unique piece for the home. Create something that people ask questions about.

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