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Organization TipsSomething a lot of us struggle with is organization. We all have busy lives and, when you come home from a long day at work, it’s very easy to just “let things lie where they may” and worry about clean up tomorrow. The problem is that, eventually, this disorganization becomes overwhelming. How many times have you spent several minutes riffling through a stack of paper on your desk in an attempt to find something specific? The longer it takes you to find something, the more frustrated you get and the more frustrated you get, the less likely you are to find what you’re looking for.

Here are a few organizing tips that should help you avoid those situations:

–       Designate a place for everything

–       Those papers on your desk belong in a filing cabinet. Those magazines spread across the coffee table would be better off in a basket. Your kitchen tools and appliances should go back into the same drawer or cabinet after each use. Having a designated spot for everything is a great way to stay organized.

–       Clean as you go

–       Rather than spending one day a week or one weekend a month cleaning your entire house, simply place everything back where it belongs as soon as you’re done with it. It’s easy to leave your coat on a chair and your mail in a pile on the couch, but eventually just placing stuff around the house leads to disorganization, clutter and stress. If you put things where they belong right away, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning later on.

–       Get drawers and shelving

–       It’s a lot easier to be organized when you have the right tools. Get a filing cabinet for your office and a book shelf for your living room. Invest in a closet organizer. When you have more places to put things you’re more likely to put them away.

–       Get rid of what you don’t need

–       Everyone has clutter, but there’s a difference between clutter and junk. Things that you haven’t used in a very long while and will likely never use again are junk. Unless they are precious heirlooms or treasured mementos, you should get rid of what you don’t use. The same goes for furniture and appliances. Many people have entire basements or garages filled with large items they never touch. Some of those items are even damaged or broken! Get rid of them!

Junk It! can dispose of the items you don’t need. Our professional junk removal team works throughout southern Ontario and we can help you get your life back in order!  Contact us today!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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