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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is one of the most popular game consoles in the history of the industry. It arrived on the heels of what many thought was a dying industry, and revitalized video games while making history in the process.

Nintendo Entertainment System


As a result, many of its games are now valuable collector’s items. Some are valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. But what are the chances that your games are among them? Are your old Nintendo games junk? Or should you consider putting them up on eBay?

The Legacy of Nintendo

The NES was introduced in North America in 1985, along with Europe and Australia releases the following years. It was an 8-bit console for video games that was designed by Nintendo.

It became the highest selling console during its time. More notable was the fact that its success came about during what many considered to be a crash in the video game industry. In 1983, many considered video games to be a fad that was quickly dying out.

It revolutionized the gaming industry by giving third-party developers license to design its games. This has now become standard practice in the industry.

The NES has been named the single greatest video game console ever.

What NES Games Are Worth?

As with any collectible, not all Nintendo games are valued equally. However, some games have reached astronomical price values due to their rarity and historical significance.

For example, the game titled “Stadium Events” has been sold for the highest price ever for a video game. In 1987, this game had a limited release. It’s one of the most rare Nintendo video games, as only 200 copies are known to exist. It’s valued at over $43,000 CAD.

Another sought after game is “Nintendo World Championships Gold”. Valued at approximately $19,000 CAD, this game is considered the ultimate collectible among enthusiasts. It is a gold cartridge and was given away at Nintendo’s World Championships in 1990.

Are Your Games Junk?

Clearly, Nintendo games can be highly valuable. And if you happen to have a copy of one of the above games, or just a handful of others that are almost as popular, then you might want to hang onto it.

But more than likely, your games are of little value if they’re anything outside of a limited edition. Toronto video game enthusiasts generally throw out their old Nintendo games.

And if you no longer have a working console, they’ll do you little good. Pass them on to your local junk removal service, along with any other games that no longer hold any value for you or any collector.

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