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What Can’t You Put In Your Rented Dumpster Bin?

If you are undertaking a new remodelling project or removing clutter from your home, or office, you likely are looking into renting a dumpster to store all of the junk and scrap material during the project. While it’s fine to throw most items into your dumpster, there are certain items that cannot go into your rented bin. Below are a list of some of the things that you can’t put in your rented dumpster bin.

Paints and solvents. Most people have some left over paint, or some type of finish or solvent sitting around their garage or storage shed that they would like to get rid of. Throwing paint and solvents into the dumpster is not advised as they contain harmful chemicals which, if not properly disposed of, can leech out into waterways.

Automotive fluids. Oil, engine coolants, transmission fluids and basically any liquids that you use to run your vehicle should not be thrown into a dumpster. They present similar hazards to the environment as paints and solvents and should be disposed of properly.

Powerful cleaning agents. Cleaning agents, especially ones that are not made from natural ingredients, such as the kind you would use on home appliances, or in drains are caustic, noxious and extremely harmful to the environment. There are usually special recycling and disposal facilities in most towns and cities specifically for these products.

Electronics. Electronic waste, or e-waste, should be properly recycled or disposed of at an e-waste facility. Many places have banned electronic waste in landfills and if your dumpster rental company sees that you have included e-waste in the dumpster, they will like add a substantial fee on top of everything else because it will have to then be removed.

Batteries. Batteries often contain mercury, and even though newer batteries don’t rely on it as much, it is still well advised to dispose of batteries properly, which means finding a facility that accepts used batteries and knows how to properly get rid of them.

You can put almost anything in your dumpster rental, but avoid including anything that seems like it would be hazardous to the environment and other people’s health. Harsh, unnatural chemicals, electronics and batteries are the main items on that list, but if you are unsure, you can always check with your dumpster rental company before proceeding.

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