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Spring Cleaning

Once the winter ends, you probably look at your backyard and wonder exactly what happened. A long, snowy winter can cause havoc on a yard. Not only will your grass be dead, but many of your bushes and flowers will be suffering as well. You’ll likely also have tree branches and other debris littering the area. The worst is that, when the snow melts, you’ll probably find all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of garbage that blew into your backyard and were buried by snow. Newspapers, candy wrappers, chip bags and pop cans have a way of hiding under the snow and appearing months later to ruin the look of your backyard.

Depending on the level of mess, you may need to rent a dumpster or disposal bin to get rid of it all. Sometimes you need to make a decision regarding the vegetation and plant life in your yard. Unfortunately, your favourite rose bush or your prized perennials may have been damaged during the winter. If your green thumb can’t revive them, it’s best to dig them out, dispose of them and start again.

The same goes for trees. If the branches have been damaged during the winter, you may need to do some trimming. Cutting off branches before they fall can save you a lot of time and potential destruction later. A damaged tree branch falling during a particularly windy day can seriously injure someone or damage property.

Once you’ve trimmed what needs to be trimmed, dug up what needs to be dug up and cleaned what needed to be cleaned, you can throw everything you no longer need into the garbage bin and start spring with a clean, waste-free backyard.

Junk It rents garbage bins and dumpsters in various sizes, from mini-bins to large dumpsters. All of our bins are easy to load and they won’t damage your driveway. And, when you’re done, our experienced junk removal team will take the bin away!  Cleaning out your yard is an excellent way to start the spring.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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