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Large, unsightly items that are difficult to dispose of may find their way from your home into your car, especially when your car has a trunk that’s not visible from the back seat. It’s tempting to use your car as free storage in order to avoid planning on the disposal of the junk, however there are good reasons for dealing with the trash sooner rather than later.

Messy Car Trunk

Your Car is not a Suitable Place for Storage

Flat tires, old wires, tools, and jumper cables often find their way into the trunks of many drivers on the road. A heavier load requires more energy to move around, and in your case, keeping heavy items stored in the car means more wear and tear on your car than is necessary and a higher gas bill. The average car owner drives thousands of kilometers a year, so you can start to see how the price adds up over time.

When you purchased your car, you probably estimated how much space you’d need to transport items such as:

  • Weekly groceries
  • Children’s strollers and toys
  • Sports and hobby equipment
  • Home furnishings

When you fill your car with unused and unnecessary junk, you’re driving a car with less storage than originally intended. Whether that means less space for necessities or turning a five-person car into a four, you’re hindering your car’s original purpose by cluttering it with junk.

What Happens to Junk left in the Car

Old tires that have been left in the car for years will experience temperature fluctuations from the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Eventually cracks develop, leaving rubber chips inside your car which are hard to clean.

Wires, cables, and tools often have sharp edges which can be dangerous for children and adults alike. They can also tear fabrics in the car if they get the chance to slide around the car floor in turns, stops, and starts.

What Should I do with my Junk?

The first step is to remove any unused items from your vehicle! For homes with little room for temporary storage, the best option is disposal. Consult your municipal guidelines for junk disposal, although more often than not large or heavy items are not generally accepted.

JunkIt! is a trash removal service that is a convenient choice for homeowners who want a simple option for cleaning out their car or home. Check out our services today to see how we can help you remove clutter from your life.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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