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Feng Shui is a system of laws that the Chinese consider essential to the governing of spatial arrangement and style that utilize and harmonize the flow of energy in a room. It has existed for thousands of years and whether you wholeheartedly believe in it or not, there is enough history and success behind it to at least consider it as a viable method. Here are 5 cleaning tips for good Feng Shui.

Organize The closet

Declutter the kitchen

Decluttering your kitchen means taking everything out of the cabinets, inventorying what you have, and decisively getting rid of things that you don’t need. Spoiled food, near empty condiment containers and food items that have just been sitting, collecting dust for 6 months or longer need to go.

Purify the bathroom

Feng Shui focuses on purity. A Feng Shui bathroom should be clean, spare, and relaxing. Remove things like half empty bottles of shampoo or conditioner and scrub down walls and tiles with natural, scented ingredients like orange infused vinegar and baking soda. Insert a candle or a plant to help keep the air clean and fresh.

Organize the closet

A disorganized, cluttered closet means bad energy. Get rid of unworn clothing and shoes and make room for the handful of everyday items that are really useful.

Use natural oils to clean furniture

Feng Shui is about utilizing the natural energies and rhythms of nature. Harsh chemical cleaners leave unpleasant smells and leftover particles in the air. Opt for something greener and natural like coconut oil which has antiseptic properties, is not caustic or harmful and smells pleasant.

Buy plants

Plants are a great way to occupy space in a pleasing way. A plant by the door, or beside the desk means that that space is already being used and doesn’t fall victim to clutter. You’re not going to park 2 dozen magazines on the plant, or toss pillows around it. Plants also freshen the air and recycle carbon dioxide out of it.

Feng Shui cleaning is an attempt at harnessing energy. Every space has invisible, but powerful lines of energy, or chi, bisecting it and knowing how to make the most of it, especially when cleaning and organizing has led to increased peace of mind and a sense of harmony for those living in it. Follow the 5 cleaning tips above and increase your home’s Feng Shui.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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