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Before you simply throw away all of your junk, first consider the ways in which it can be repurposed — updated and used for something entirely different. Not only can it be a fun weekend project but it is also a very eco-friendly way to handle your junk. You will probably even save yourself a lot of money in the process. Here are some common items that people often have in their house that can be repurposed in a creative way.

Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Old Junk

  1. Turn a Ladder into a Bookshelf.

    Give your old ladder a coat of paint and then hang it up on the wall horizontally, leaving a little bit of space between the wall and the ladder so that the books have room to balance on each step.

  2. Make Shelves Out of Old Books.

    Turn all of those old books lying around into shelves. Screw in two brackets into your wall and simply place the book on top.

  3. Convert an Old Tire into an Ottoman.

    Cut two pieces of wood the size of the tire hole and then screw the pieces of wood into the centre of the tire. Take a glue gun and then cover the tire with hemp rope.

  4. Turn Plastic Bottles and Wine Glasses into Flower Holders.

    Just cut the top half of a plastic bottle and spray paint it. Fill it with dirt, plant your flower and voila! To turn a wine bottle into a vase, simply paint the bottle your favourite colour.

  5. Turn Picture Frames into Serving Trays.

    Spray paint your old picture frame and turn it into a classy serving tray. It makes for a very elegant way to serve guests coffee or tea.

  6. Turn a CD Holder into a Storage Container for Bagels.

    This one doesn’t involve a lot of effort — just take an old CD holder, wash it out, and you’ve got yourself a great way to store your bagels so they won’t get squished. This repurposed CD holder is perfect for taking to work or on hikes. Alternatively, CD holders are a great way to store cables for convenient access.

If you are out of ideas on how to creatively repurpose your old junk, consider renting a dumpster-removal bin or have our team get rid of it on your behalf. Contact our team at Junk It! today for more.

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